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Promotions - the cheapest shopping for the family

Hipp milk food products at PoloMarket for PLN 39.99. At the same price we get milk at Carrefour, Nan milk at PoloMarket at PLN 15.99, Enfamil milk at Super-Pharm at PLN 46.99 instead of PLN 53.99, Gerber dinner at PoloMarket at PLN 4.29 for piece, a Hipp children's dish at Carreofur for PLN 5.65, BoboVita porridge various types at PoloMarket for PLN 11.29, BoboVita desserts at Super-Pharm for PLN 3.29 for 125 grams.
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MyTummy feeding top

According to the manufacturer, the feeding top is supposed to provide comfort and discretion. It guarantees easy and quick access to the breast thanks to practical fasteners. For this reason, it is to be an ideal proposal after pregnancy, for women who are breastfeeding. It has a built-in bra (which makes it possible to wear it on the naked body) and a special place for breast pads.
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Pregnancy / Childbirth

Rupture of the fetal bladder

Fracture of the fetal bladder, especially when it occurs at night, is often accompanied by doubt: is the wet sheet a signal that labor has just begun, or does it indicate that the future mother has not controlled her bladder? After this first thought usually comes another: did it just begin and the next one: are we going to the hospital?
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Press releases

Emollients - a relief for dry skin

Emollients are products that save the skin from dermatological oppression. Although they are associated with the care of delicate baby skin, they bring relief to anyone who struggles with excessively dry or damaged skin. What is hidden in emollients and in whose bathroom should these valuable preparations be found?
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Baby at the seaside - how to prepare?

When you decide on your first trip with your baby for a seaside holiday, it depends on the courage, confidence and preparation of parents. Some decide to travel with a few weeks old baby (usually with a second child), others wait until the baby is at least half a year old. If the child is developing properly and we are well prepared for the trip, there are no contraindications to going with a baby for several weeks.
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