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Hair oiling - an alternative to serum

If for some reason you do not use hair serum, and you want them to be healthy, you can successfully reach for hair oils. Oiling is a very simple operation, and it effectively helps with various hair problems. Regular use of oils allows you to effectively overcome such problems as hair loss, premature graying or brittleness of hair, as well as split ends or dandruff.
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Small child

Gastric flu in children

Gastric flu in children is a common viral infection that goes with diarrhea and vomiting. For several years, an increase in the incidence of this intestinal infection has been noted, especially in young children up to 5 years of age, who often end up in hospitalization. Children can get sick several times, except that the first infection is usually the most severe.
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Time for mom

Exercises for young mothers

Organizing exercise time with a small child can be extremely difficult. Especially if we want to take care of physical activity outside the home. On the other hand, doing exercises at home usually has a harder time to lose motivation. Because if we do not have a designated top-down time for training, and when caring for a small child or children it is difficult to have such free moments, we are often tempted by other ways of spending time.
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What is useful when walking with your child? - CONTEST

Beloved, the first edition of the competition, organized in cooperation with, has barely finished, and we are already starting with another fun. We hope you will send lots of inspiring emails this time. We are counting on you! We have supernaturals that we will gladly hand over to you! The good news is that this is the second edition of our competition, after which we invite you to the third competition.
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Promotions - the cheapest shopping for the family

Hipp milk food products at PoloMarket for PLN 39.99. At the same price we get milk at Carrefour, Nan milk at PoloMarket at PLN 15.99, Enfamil milk at Super-Pharm at PLN 46.99 instead of PLN 53.99, Gerber dinner at PoloMarket at PLN 4.29 for piece, a Hipp children's dish at Carreofur for PLN 5.65, BoboVita porridge various types at PoloMarket for PLN 11.29, BoboVita desserts at Super-Pharm for PLN 3.29 for 125 grams.
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