When the toilet in the shopping center is too far ...

When the toilet in the shopping center is too far ...

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Let's be honest: learning to potty is not easy. Especially at the beginning, when the child may have a problem with holding a minute or two, needed to reach the toilet.

Often I had the "pleasure" to run with a child in my arms, praying that we would be able to go to the toilet in the mall. It was good when I knew which direction to go ...

One of the mishaps taught me to be cautious. Over time, when I visited new stores, I learned to remember where the toilet was.

Should we be surprised then that mother or grandmother from the above photo from British Columbia decided to use the toilet in a rather unusual place? Instead of running to the toilet, she put the little one on a trash can and let him use it like a toilet?

In the era of cameras in mobile phones, someone passing by took a picture and posted it on one of the social networks.

Do you think that in urgent situations you can use the garbage can, treating it like a toilet? Did this woman show her creativity or did she cross a line?