Breastfeeding in the pool: is this not an exaggeration?

Breastfeeding in the pool: is this not an exaggeration?

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History is interesting in many ways. Let's start by scratching the background: a large pool in the UK in Cambridge, a young woman bathing with a baby in a jacuzzi can not cope with a nine-month-old toddler who is starting to get nervous. The idea to give him a breast comes to her mind.

The reaction is instant. She is asked to leave the swimming pool because, according to the staff, she broke the rule on bringing food and drinks to the swimming pool.Although a 20-year-old hairdresser from the UK tried to convince the rescuer that she could feed her child wherever she wanted, he remained adamant and ordered to leave the pool.

What happened next

The woman wrote a complaint, published her thoughts on Facebook, explaining that throwing her out of the pool was a bad move, and the reason was incomprehensible to her.

The management of the pool after the woman's speech received a lot of support (there were also a lot of negative votes) apologized to the woman.

In this situation, several questions arise:

  • Did a woman really have to feed her baby in water?
  • Couldn't she go to the locker room? Or maybe nobody should demand it from her?
  • Did she disturb other pool users by feeding in the jacuzzi?
  • Could a nine-month-old child be able to wait? (some indicate that children of this age do not eat so often and their menu also includes solid meals, hence the "problem" with breastfeeding in the pool could be avoided)?
  • Should breastfeeding take place in more intimate conditions and not at a noisy swimming pool?

What do you think about it?