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Where is Pampers cheaper this time, and where are Huggies? Do not overpay and buy for less in Polish supermarkets and drugstores.

  • Pampers diapers- If you buy Pampers Active Baby diapers (63.99 PLN per packaging) or Premium Care at Rossmann drugstore, you will be able to buy Pampers Baby Fresh wet wipes (1x64 pcs) for PLN 1. In Real Pampers Mega Pack 150 pcs, 132 pcs, 120 pcs, and 111 pcs costs PLN 83.95 per pack. Various types of Pampers Premium Care diapers at Auchan were discounted from PLN 49.99 to PLN 42.99 per item. The price of Pampers Baby Active diapers at the Polo Market was reduced from PLN 46.99 to PLN 42.99 per packaging.
  • Huggies diapers- Huggies Super Dry nappies 80 pcs. at Tesco were discounted from PLN 59.99 to PLN 39.99.
  • Cosmetics- At Rossmann, the price of the Nivea Baby 150ml body and hair gel was reduced from PLN 13.69 to PLN 10.99. The amount you have to pay for Oilatum Soft 75g cream has also changed. You've spent almost PLN 30 on it, now only PLN 25.99. By buying any Johnson's Baby cosmetics for a second, cheaper you will get a 50% discount at Rossmann. At Super-Pharm, a whole series of cosmetics for children Johnson's Baby, Bubchen, and for mums Perfecta Mama have a 20% discount. In the same drugstore, for 500ml Nivea Baby Velvet Moisturizing Milk or Gentle Shampoo and Bath Foam 500ml, we pay not PLN 19.99, but PLN 13.49.
  • Wet wipes- Three packages of Dzidziuś Kindi wipes (3x72 pcs) have been discounted at Rossmann from PLN 13.39 to PLN 11.79. There, you will also pay PLN 6.99 instead of PLN 8.49 for moisturized Lilliputz toilet paper (2x60 pcs.). Four packages of Pampers Sensitive wipes (4x56 items) have been discounted at Tesco from PLN 25.99 to PLN 19.99. In Carrefour for 4x72 pcs. You will pay PLN 15.99 for Cleanic Dzidziuś Kindii wipes. Six packages (6x64 pcs) of Pampers Baby Fresh wipes now cost PLN 26.95 in Real. At Super-Pharm, we will pay for PLN 1 cheaper, i.e. PLN 8.99, for two packages (2x64 pcs) of Pampers Natural Clean wipes. There, we will also spend instead of PLN 16.99 only PLN 11.99 on a double packaging of Nivea Baby Soft & Cream wipes. You can get three packages (192 wipes in total) of Huggies Pure wipes at Piotr and Paweł for PLN 13.99.


  • Denmark- In Rossmann 250g Gerber dinners were discounted from PLN 6.49 to PLN 5.49. If you buy two dishes in 190g BoboVita jars for PLN 4.69 each, you will get your third dinner for free. At Tesco, you pay 4.59 PLN for 190g Polish Gerber cuisine (in Carrefour 4.89 PLN). You will pay 4.29 PLN for DoReMi Gerber 190g sauce, and if your kid likes DoReMi Gerber dishes, now for the second 250g jar you will pay 50% of the price, i.e. 2.90 PLN. In the Polo Market, a double set of 2x190g BoboVita dinners now costs PLN 7.49. You will spend the cheapest per item in Schlecker - only 4.19 PLN. If you have a LifeStyle card, instead of presenting it at Super-Pharm, for 190g, you will pay a jar of Gerber dinner instead of PLN 5.99 for only PLN 4.49. You will also spend PLN 4.99 on a 190g jar of Hipp dishes (current price: PLN 7.29).
  • Desserty- When buying two Rosso BoboVita desserts in 125g jars (price PLN 2.69 per item) at Rossmann, the third one you will get for free (in Carrefour the piece costs PLN 2.59). If your toddler likes Babydream dairy desserts, you'll be happy to hear that you will pay PLN 4.99 for 4 containers, which is PLN 1 less than usual. Whereas desserts in 190g jars from the Bio series from Babydream now cost PLN 2.99 (before discount PLN 3.59). 125g Gerber pudding at Tesco costs PLN 2.59. In Carrefour you will pay PLN 7.49 for 8 containers of Danonków (8x75g). In Real 3x130g, Deserek Gerber will cost you PLN 5.99. You will pay PLN 6.99 for a set of 2x160g Hipp desserts in Auchan. Super-Pharm Lifestyle card holders will pay PLN 4.69 instead of PLN 6.78 instead of PLN 6.78 instead of PLN 6.78.
  • Milk- Spending PLN 14.89 on Nestle Junior 350g milk at Rossmann you will get free ready-to-drink milk in a 200ml carton. At Tesco, for 600g a pack of Nan Pro milk you will now pay less by PLN 3, or PLN 25.69 (PLN 26.99 at the Polo Market). If you are tempted by two Nestle Junior 350g milk packages, you'll spend PLN 12.50 on each. The cheapest, because in Real Nestle Junior for 3 milk you will spend PLN 9.86 per item. You will spend the most on this product at Super-Pharm - as much as PLN 15.49.
  • porridge- If you buy any Nestle milk-rice porridge from Rossmann (PLN 7.59), you will get a second porridge at a half price. In the same drugstore, you will pay over PLN 1 cheaper than before, i.e. PLN 4.89 for a pack of 190g BoboVita rice porridge. At Tesco, buying two BoboVita milk-rice porridges (2x190g) you will pay PLN 14.98 and in addition you will receive a third piece for free There, also Nestle Sinlac 500g porridge has been discounted from PLN 20.59 to PLN 18.89. You will save exactly PLN 1.20 on Nestle cereal porridge 250g, paying PLN 9.59 at the cash register.
  • juices- At Tesco, when you buy 2 Bobo Frut lenses (2x300ml) for PLN 8.97, you'll get a third bottle for free. In Real you will pay only PLN 9.99 for 4 items.
  • Teas- Amateurs of Hipp tea in 400g cans now save PLN 4.20 on Tesco on the packaging, paying a total of PLN 13.29.


  • Books- At Pepco, young fans of the Polish football team will find many useful publications - Little Fan's Book (PLN 9.99), coloring books (PLN 4.99), Book with stickers (PLN 7.99).
  • Outdoor- On May 11-13, at Tesco, you can buy all sand toys at a 30% discount.


  • Water games- At Tesco, you will pay up to PLN 10 cheaper, i.e. PLN 49.99 for a whale-shaped swimming pool with a roof. However, a 122x25cm swimming pool complete with a lifebuoy and a ball costs PLN 29.99. You will pay PLN 9.99 / item for swimming accessories with the Cars and Hello Kitty logos. Two packages of pool balls will cost you PLN 49. An inflatable playground with a slide and accessories is a PLN 129 expense in Carrefour. The cheapest inflatable pool 114x25cm costs there only 15 PLN.
  • Under a cloud- You will buy a children's license tent with a theme from Cars and Princess cartoons at Tesco with a 20 PLN discount - 69.99 PLN. You will get a sandbox with a shell (180x87x20cm) at Carrefour for PLN 50. A 244cm trampoline in Auchan was discounted from PLN 499 to PLN 365. You will receive football for free.
  • vehicles- In Biedronka you will pay 169 PLN for an umbrella stroller.
  • Food science- When you buy a Lovi 360 Junior mug, you will receive a free Lovi Active 360 ​​mug and pay only PLN 32.99 instead of PLN 42.99 instead of at Super-Pharm


  • Blouses, T-shirts- At Pepco, young fans will find mini versions of the Polish national team shirts. You will pay PLN 7.99 for a 2-6 year boy's t-shirt, and PLN 9.99 for a shirt for a boy between 7 and 14 years old.
  • Underwear- The baby will not pay attention to his new body, but they will definitely give his daddy great pleasure. Body with a Polish emblem that would give our footballers comfort you will get in Pepco for PLN 9.99 per item. For baby socks with a similar motif you will pay PLN 2.99. In Biedronka for 3 pcs. you will pay PLN 19.99 for baby bodysuits.
  • For girls- You will get charming two-piece baby sets consisting of a blouse and skirt at less than PLN 15. Girls aged 2 to 6 will definitely enjoy the pink pajamas, which you will get in the same shop for PLN 20. Girls' shorts with a crown cost PLN 7.99. You will spend PLN 9.99 on the girl's top with print. Pink dresses with short sleeves matching girls wearing size 92-140cm will get at Auchan for PLN 19.99 / item. You can get dresses with the Hello Kitty and Mickey & Miney logos in the same supermarket for PLN 29.99.

Duration of the promotion
Rossmann from 10.05
Pepco 11.05-24.05
Tesco 10.05-16.05
Carrefour 09.05-14.05
Real 10.05-16.05
Biedronka from 10.05
Auchan 09.05-15.05
Polo Market 09.05-15.05
Super-Pharm 10.05-30.05
Schlecker 09.05-20.05
Piotr i Paweł 09.05-15.05