It's nice to be a "good pedophile" ...

It's nice to be a "good pedophile" ...

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When the ruling party tries to convince the public not to speak on an uncomfortable matter, we can count on the fact that the media will also appear shocking topic, who will try to divert our attention from problems that require immediate action.

So is the alarming news about Polish pedophiles just a sensation journalists want to earn? Whether Is there permission to use children for sexual practices? Who cares about putting the responsibility for the actions of adults on the shoulders of the victims?
Are you a pedophile In that case you can flaunt your sexual preferences with impunity. In many countries, your tendencies have been conditioned by a culture that allows adult men to marry girls. Forced to live together, they struggle with for years a trauma someone gave them to spend their whole lives with, to whom they vowed love, loyalty and absolute obedience. It happens that as a result of brutal treatment they die during the wedding night, others are unable to reach the end of delivery, to which their underage bodies simply have not matured. The widower will surely find comfort in the arms of another wife, probably even younger and more vulnerable to his influence. He would probably be equally cruel with her. After all, a woman (even if she is a minor) must regularly fulfill her marital duties, even when she does not feel like it, when it does not please her, when intercourse means something that happens beyond her consent. After all, you can't rape wives and prostitutes, right?


But what are we talking about? Such matters take place in Third World countries among backward people. We representatives civilized state, in which supposedly all are equal before the law, we are not dealing with similar cases. Not only that, we shouldn't be interfere with the rulesthat we do not understand, which seem to us incorrectly.

Poles are in solidarity in the face of harm and misconduct that children are victims of. Until their brethren, and superiors take the floor regarding the priests accused of pedophilia ... All you have to do is quote the words of Archbishop Józef Michalik: "A lot of this harassment could have been avoided if these parental relationships were healthy. We often hear that this wrong attitude or abuse is often triggered when a child is looking for love. It clings, it seeks. And he will lose himself and pull the other man down ".

This is how underage victims of people in whom they sought support, consolation and advice become culprits, sneaky tempters, misleading innocent pastors. How did the Episcopate react to the above statement? He called them misunderstandings, by language lapses. The author of the statement, probably after the reprimand of his superiors, also tried to blame the unfortunate choice of words.

Do you have anything in mind? ESCAPE THE EVENT

Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office is examining cases Father Wojciech Gil and apostolic nuncio - Archbishop Józef Wesołowskiwho, as numerous witnesses claim, have committed sexual crimes against underage boys in the Dominican Republic.

Is any of those suspected of wrongdoing in detention or on the contrary described as a free man, hoping that any evidence will prove insufficient to bear the consequences of his actions?

He is among our countrymen respected director, admired for his work, who raped thirteen-year-old Samantha Geimer in the 1970s. And although he faced the justice system, before he heard the sentence sentencing him to a long prison sentence, he escaped the American watchmen to distant France, where to this day, despite the fact that he is wanted, he lives, creates, and is often a guest at film festivals.


Feeling of impunity often goes hand in hand with wrong perception of pedophilia. A pervert who has a sexual urge for children when he comes out of the shadows, when he feels the need to manifest his views, is able to circumvent Polish law, if only to his behavior make the right ideology. A great example of twisted translation and justification of contact with minors is Little Prince website, showing the "good side of pedophilia and child sexuality".

Its author, a Misiaczek, he tries to prove that the deviation that has become part of his life has positive aspects. What's worse, proves that thanks to the provisions of the Polish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, can publicly talk about his love for underage boys.

In addition, the owner of the site makes readers aware of the differences between child pornographic files, and photos of an artistic nature or immortalizing natural behavior - bathing a naked child in a bathtub, sauna, or photographs showing a minor staying in a place designated for naturists. He even gives examples illustrating ways to release sexual tension in a way that doesn't hurt children ...