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Promotions for parents and children

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A few zlotys saved on diapers, or maybe wipes at a lower price? Where is cheaper dishes, where are porridges and where is milk? See what you can buy cheaper this week!


  • Huggies diapers- At Tesco for wrapping Huggies Super dry diapers 128 pcs. in size 3 you will pay PLN 59.99 instead of PLN 79.99.
  • Bella Happy diapers- By buying Happy Big Pack nappies at Real Price for PLN 37.99 you will get free moisturizing wipes (1x56 pcs)
  • Pampers diapers- You will pay PLN 49.95 for two packs of Sleep & Play diapers (58, 50 and 48 pcs) in Real. A pack of the same diapers in any size at the Polo Market was discounted from PLN 31.99 to PLN 26.99.
  • Cosmetics- At Tesco, you save PLN by buying Johnson's baby 100ml baby powder at PLN 6.99. Instead, you will pay PLN 9.99 instead of PLN 11.49 for a bedtime gel for bedding 500ml of the same company. You will spend almost PLN 4 less, i.e. PLN 14.99 on Bedtime 500ml washing liquid.
  • Wipes- At Tesco, you will pay PLN 10.99 for 2 packages of tissues with the Euro 2012 logo (2x72 items).


  • desserts- By buying any four-pack Danonków (4x75g) at Tesco for PLN 4.99, you will receive the second set for PLN 2.50. When you buy 2 jars of Gerber desserts weighing 130g, you get the third one for free and as a result you will pay PLN 5.49 per set. Whereas the BoboVita dessert in a 190g jar now costs PLN 1 cheaper, i.e. PLN 3.39. In Real, buying two desserts from the same company with the same capacity, the third one will be free and we will spend a total of PLN 4.29 On the Hipp 190g dessert, you save Tesco PLN 1.40, paying 4.59 PLN for the jar at the checkout.
  • Denmark- For two dishes in 190g BoboVita jars you will pay PLN 6.69 in Real.
  • Milk- At Tesco, you will pay PLN 28 for 2 packages of 350g Nan milk. The 1.2kg Bebilon milk price has been reduced from PLN 58.99 to PLN 49.89. Both promotions do not apply to initial milk.
  • porridge- Set 2x230g of milk-rice porridge BoboVita you get at Tesco for PLN 10.99 (the same price applies to the Polo Market). You can find the same product 50gr cheaper in Carrefour. On the other hand, in Real you will pay PLN 7.89 for 2x180g BoboVita rice porridge.
  • Juices and nectars- Four pack of Bobo Frut juices (4x300ml) you get at Tesco for PLN 9.29. The same set in the Polo Market will cost you PLN 9.89.
  • Snacks- If your kids like Lubisie, you will probably be glad that when you buy 2 pieces of 30g at Tesco for 2.58 PLN, you will get the third teddy bear for free. You will pay 3.99 PLN for a set of 5 Lubisiów in Real.


  • For girls- Tesco hypermarkets have prepared real attractions for young ladies. Over the next 4 weeks, you'll be able to buy the following toys at discounted prices: 100cm kitchen with accessories at PLN 69.99, Monster High Set Create a monster PLN 119.99 (in Real PLN 89.95), Bobaska Emi with a stroller PLN 44.99, Set My Little Pony: A holiday in the Canterlot castle 59.99 PLN, 8 ponies in a bag 39.99 PLN, Baby Born Doll Flirtatious little baby 99.99 PLN. You can save as much as PLN 50 by buying an Agatka doll at PLN 99 now.
  • For boys- Tesco hypermarkets organized a surprise for young people on the occasion of Children's Day. You will buy a suitcase with a wooden queue consisting of 70 elements worth PLN 99.99. You will save over PLN 100 buying Lego Bricks & More- fun to build. At the checkout you will pay ½ of the price, i.e. PLN 99.99.
  • For babies- At Tesco you will get some useful toys at promotional prices: Educational Chrum-Chrum Pig, which will teach your baby songs, counting, cheering up with melodies and animal sounds. The pig can even ask to scratch her sneezing nose. Its price has been reduced from PLN 159.99 to PLN 79.99. You will get a Playskool educational hammer or shaver more than half cheaper, for PLN 19.99. A shiny, playing drum is a purchase of PLN 49.99 (formerly PLN 62.59). You will get Vtech Hula-Ball together with a coloring book and accessories for PLN 89.99. You will get wooden blocks with letters and a trolley for pulling PLN 10, i.e. PLN 44.99. The Lamaze interactive octopus, which has 10 different educational functions, can be purchased for PLN 50.99 (previously PLN 72.99). The Fisher Price singing snail is available PLN 20 cheaper, i.e. PLN 49.99. In Real Fisher Price ride you'll get PLN 30 cheaper, you'll spend PLN 90 at the cash register. The price of a cheerful remote control for the TV from the same company was reduced from PLN 59.95 to PLN 44.95. Instead of 119 PLN, you'll pay only PLN 84.95 for the ball of a small Fisher Price supporter.
  • stock- If you spend PLN 30-18 on toys at Tesco from May 17-18, you'll get a voucher worth PLN 10, which you can use for your next shopping. It will be valid from June 1, 2012. until July 31, 2012 The promotion does not apply to baby toys, games and consoles as well as books, sports assortment and educational kits.


  • Cutlery- At Tesco, when you buy 2 bottles of Tommee Tippee 150ml, you pay as one piece - PLN 26.99. And if you decide to buy a 150ml non-spill cup at the same price, you'll get a free teat. At Real, Avent straw cups have been discounted from PLN 34.95 to PLN 29.95.
  • For the garden- Inflatable jumping castle with dimensions 130x130x160cm will now get at Tesco 20 PLN cheaper, i.e. for 79.99 PLN. Instead of PLN 159 you will spend only PLN 119 on a garden swing. Also the price of the plastic slide went down. For a 75cm product you will pay PLN 70 less, i.e. PLN 99. In Carrefour you will spend 10 PLN less on similar slides. Same in Auchan - 89.89 PLN. You will pay 119 PLN at Carrefour for a sandpit with a wooden roof measuring 120x120cm. In Real, the plastic rocker for two kids has been discounted from PLN 79.95 to half, and for a closed, shell-shaped sandpit you will pay PLN 20, i.e. PLN 69.95. You will get a garden house made of plastic with dimensions 127x150x118cm in Auchan for PLN 284.99.


  • Underwear - In Real you will get girls' swimwear with the logo of your favorite cartoon characters for the price of 34.95 PLN / pcs. There, children's two-piece pajamas were also discounted from PLN 34.99 to PLN 24.95. However, for a baby body you will pay PLN 9.99.

Duration of the promotion
Tesco 17.05-13.05 (toys) and 17.05- 23.05
Carrefour 16.05-21.05
Real 17.05-05.05 (toys) and 17.05- 23.05
Auchan 16.05- 22.05
Polo Market 16.05- 22.05