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Modern motherhood is a porridge with milk

Modern motherhood is a porridge with milk

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"Modern motherhood is a porridge with milk. Disposable diapers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, jars and other achievements of civilization mean that today's mothers have nothing to do. So they sit on their asses and come up with them. They are encouraged by the privileges of: longer holidays, social assistance, anesthesia during childbirths and what else. And they shouldn't get anything because we didn't have anything!

Nobody helped us, and there was a lot of work to do! Nobody has heard of postpartum depression!

There was no time for depression, because the diapers did not wash themselves! And we had more children than today's ladies of all times. "

I do not believe that there is a young mother who has never come across such an opinion, if not "live" on the Internet. The authors are usually old ladies who like to remind the rest of humanity of all flaws and shortcomings. From the kind of those who see a sliver in their neighbor's eye. If you find one like this, he always finds an excuse to give his rant. Like gadgets for a bull, all gadgets act on them. Once I lost a few minutes of my life because in the waiting room I gave my child ... a water bottle with a tube. At the sight of him, the old woman's eyes narrowed into slits. It started from God! What people will not come up with! - ended up with - today's mothers ...
You have to agree that washing machines, dishwashers and the rest of advanced kitchen and bathroom technology make life easier. At least its "technical side". I dare say, however, that in many respects the life of today's mother is more difficult!

Gadgets and toys

It is true that "once" children did not have so many toys. The parents, on the other hand, were without electronic nannies, breathing monitors, bathing chairs and a whole bunch of gadgets. The reason is simpler - it was never there before. The child had blocks, a doll and a car, the parent did not have to make choices between a million models, because three were available. He didn't feel that pressure either. His child was not pointed out by other kids, because as the last five-year-old there is no cell in the yard.

A long, long time ago, when the mother was washing diapers, the baby was lying in the crib. While cooking dinner, the toddler was still stuck in the crib. Similarly, when you had to wash, clean, etc. Today, this is an unimaginable situation. From the first days of life, the child needs to read, show black and white pictures, talk to him, stimulate his development! Not that the children from the old days did not develop, but the mother who today would allow her child to spend all day in the crib would receive the appropriate patch. It was different with older people. Such a few-year-old ran alone in the yard, sometimes went to the store for butter, sometimes looked after his younger siblings. Today, sending a few years to the store could result in a visit from the curator. The mother is there to keep an eye on her head, and if any accident occurs, no translations will happen. Her fault because she neglected. And even if the orchard acquitted her, other mothers will lynch with certainty.

Educational methods

- I haven't seen anyone talk to a kid that much. There is nothing to be wasted on here! - yes, a neighbor at my grandmother's age, acknowledged my attempt to explain to my two-year-old why I forbid her to get into the puddle (the little one was wearing sneakers). So, in the old days, children were not trumpeted. Today it is a requirement.

Belongs translate to fallen, answer thousands of resolute three year olds' questions, you must not forbid without giving a reason, you must not say "because yes!". Cackling with a child is a part of modern motherhood. Today's mothers do not want criminal children, they prefer intelligent.

There are many methods which are supposed to lead to independent, intelligent and self-confident education. From scarrying 24 hours a day, through carting to methods based on "let them cry." The choice is not at all obvious or even more secure. Proponents of the method you reject may want to dump you lions. If you get some from everyone, you can ... expose yourself to everything. There used to be no such dilemmas!

Mother's career

Once the role of a woman was clear. When she gave birth to a child she stayed at home with him. Long. Until they went to kindergarten or school.