Promotions for parents and children

Promotions for parents and children

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Daily list of promotional items for all parents. Be sure to see where you can buy cheaper diapers this time, where you can buy desserts, dinners and dishes, and where toys. Do not overpay and save a few zlotys!


  • Dada diapers- Available in Biedronka Dada Premium diapers (86, 72, 60, 52 pcs.) You can buy for PLN 28.99 per package
  • Huggies diapers- At Tesco, for packaging Huggies Super dry diapers in size 3 (128 items) instead of PLN 69.99 you will pay PLN 56.99. You can get various types of Pampers Super dry diapers with the unique dry lock technology in Kaufland for PLN 53.99 per pack.
  • Pampers diapers- You will pay 79.99 PLN at Carrefour for a carton of Pampers Active baby diapers in various sizes (e.g. 3-150). You can get a packaging of pampers Premium care diapers (junior, maxi, midi, mini, newborn) in Piotr and Paweł for PLN 43.99. For free you will receive Pampers Sensitive wipes.
  • Wet wipes- In Carrefour for 4x56 pcs. or 4x63 pcs Pampers Baby Fresh or Sensitive wipes you pay PLN 19.99. New on the market are Dada Premium Plus wipes made of 100% cotton, which are available in Biedronka in two variants - Natura care and Ultra sensitive. You will pay 5.99 PLN for 63 pcs in the package. In Real handkerchiefs Kindii Dzidziuś 72 or 63 pcs. have been discounted from PLN 7.69 to PLN 4.99. You spend 12.49 PLN on Piotr and Paweł for two packages of Nivea baby wipes (various types).
  • Cosmetics- By buying 200ml Johnson's Baby olive oil at Rossmann for PLN 11.69, you can buy a second one with a 50% discount. You will spend less than PLN 10 in Biedronka for the purchase of Hipp skin care oil 200ml or Hipp skin protection cream 75ml. It will protect your children from Dax Cosmetics SPF 30 suntan lotion against intense sun rays. You will pay PLN 12.99 in the same discount for 150ml.


  • porridge- You will pay PLN 14.98 for 3 packages of milk-rice porridge (3x230g) Nestle at Tesco. Amateurs of BoboVita porridges will probably be pleased that in Biedronka you can buy these milk-rice products in 230g packs for PLN 6.79 per item (the same price applies to Real supermarkets). Easy-to-digest milk porridge with Hipp biscuits, closed in a 190g jar, you can buy in Biedronka for PLN 4.99. For two packages of BoboVita milk and rice porridges (2x230g) you will pay only PLN 9.99 at Intermarche.
  • Cereals- Light cocoa balls, crispy honey rings and shortbread banana stars, which contain 30% less sugar than popular cereals for children, and were produced by BoboVita, you can buy at Biedronka at PLN 4.99 for 200g.
  • desserts- In the Polo Market for 3 jars (various types) of 130g Gerber desserts you will pay PLN 5.59. On the occasion of the upcoming Children's Day, the Biedronka discount chain has prepared price reductions for the most-popular items for its youngest customers. For 190g Hipp desserts from the Fruit and cereals series (apples and bananas with biscuits or raspberries and apples with rice gruel) you will pay 4.59 PLN / pcs. You will spend the same amount on desserts from the Fruit and Yogurt series (strawberries and raspberries with yogurt or apricots with yogurt) of the same brand but in a smaller 160g jar. You will also pay 4.59 PLN for similar sizes of Deserek Hipp Fruit duo (yogurt dessert with fruit or apples and mango with cottage cheese). While handy 125g BoboVita jars (delicate bananas and juicy pears and summer fruit salad) you will get for 2.29 PLN / pcs. A greater hunger will satisfy 190g of desserts from the Fruit and Fruit and Milk series, but this is an expense of PLN 3.39 per item. In Carrefour 190g Hipp desserts after 4 months you'll get for PLN 3.49. You will pay 20 PLN more for the same product in Real.
  • Dinners and dishes- In Biedronka you can buy BoboVita Dinners (risotto with juicy turkey, vegetables in a delicate veal stew, spaghetti in Bolognese, dumplings with vegetables and delicate turkey) in 250g jars at the price of PLN 4.59 for pieces of the same company (vegetables with lamb and millet, vegetables in a mild stew with a rabbit) will amount to 2.49 PLN per item. In Carrefour, for 190g Gerber you will pay 4.59 PLN for a jar. If you buy any Hipp dinner in a 220g jar at PLN 5.49 at Rossmann, you will get a second jar for half that amount.
  • juices- Hipp juices from organic vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals you can buy in Biedronka at PLN 2.59 for 200ml. You can get various types of BoboVita children's drinks in 300ml bottles at Carrefour for PLN 3.69 per item. In Real BoboVut you will pay PLN 2.89 for 300ml.
  • Snacks- If your babies like to munch, they will probably like the Hipp blueberry or apple rice wafers. You will pay PLN 3.49 for a 35g package in Biedronka. In the same discount for 25g Hipp candy bar (banana-apple, red fruits, peaches-apples with cereals) you will spend PLN 2.49. You will get the first Hipp cookies that can be given to a seven-month-old Baby in 150g cartons for PLN 6.99. 10 bars of milk chocolate Kinder Maxi (10x21g) is an expense of PLN 7.99 also in Biedronka. At Rossmann, buying any Hipp food for PLN 10 you get free Hipp rice wafers.
  • Milk- For two packages of Bebiko milk (2x350g) with a beach ball you will pay PLN 22.99 in Biedronka. You can get 350g Nan milk at Carrefour for PLN 14.99. In Polo Market you will pay more - up to PLN 16.79.


  • stock- On May 24 and 25, buying Tesco toys for a minimum of PLN 100, you will receive a voucher of PLN 30 for further purchases. Promotion details are available on the market website.
  • mascots- For 25cm Winnie the Pooh or one of his friends (Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger) you will pay PLN 24.99 in Biedronka.
  • For the garden- For a set consisting of a wheelbarrow with a bucket and Cars brand accessories at Tesco you will pay half of this price instead of PLN 59.99.
  • vehicles- Scooters have been discounted at Tesco. Instead of PLN 89.99, you will now pay PLN 69.99 for an aluminum four-wheeler. You will save PLN 15 on ORB Scooter, PLN 40 on Big Activequipment PLN 20 on Hot Wheels. In Real, after presenting the Payback card for a ride in the form of a car with storage, you will pay PLN 99 instead of PLN 129.
  • For boys- You'll get the Great Track by cars, overpass, road signs at Pepco for PLN 49.99. You have to pay PLN 39.99 for a battery-powered tractor with a trailer and pets. Young builders will surely enjoy looking almost like a real concrete mixer, which Payback card holders in Real will get for PLN 179.
  • Educational- In Real Chair Fisher Fisher's price tag was discounted from PLN 279.99 to PLN 135. Instead of PLN 199, Payback card holders will pay only PLN 159 for the interactive Pinkie Pie pony. You will spend PLN 99 on a pot on a block.


  • For the garden- You can buy a garden tent with a tunnel 280x112x94cm in Pepco for PLN 59.99. There you will also spend PLN 39.99 on the pink garden house. A wooden sandbox with dimensions of 90x90x12 is available at Tesco for PLN 89.99 (formerly PLN 119.99). A trampoline with protection 140cmx180cm has been discounted by half. You will get it at Tesco for PLN 249.99. A charming inflatable pool with a toadstool roof is available in Real for PLN 39.99. In Auchan you will pay not PLN 98.90, but PLN 88.89 for a 75cm slide.
  • Security- At Tesco, for bicycle helmets with Winnie the Pooh, Cars and Princess motifs, you will now pay ½ of the current price, i.e. PLN 39.99. PLN 10 less will cost you elbow and knee pads - PLN 49.99 per set.
  • Tableware- You will receive a 30% discount at Tesco for the purchase of Avent accessories necessary for your kids to eat.


  • stock- On 24.05-01.06 at Tesco, you will get a 20% discount on selected models of the F&F children's clothing collection.
  • Underwear- At Pepco, for a sleeveless baby body you will pay PLN 3.99 per item. Shorts with a frill for babies cost PLN 5.99. Girls' top with lace will cost you PLN 7.99. At Auchan, the cheapest bodysuits for babies cost PLN 6.99 per item. At Kaufland, you pay PLN 12.99 for panties and top.
  • For girls- Colorful cotton tunics for babies you will get at Pepco for PLN 9.99 per item. A summer checkered dress for young ladies aged 2-6 is an expense of PLN 19.99.
  • For boys- A baby set consisting of shorts and a T-shirt with short sleeves will amount to 9.99 PLN in Pepco. You will pay PLN 6 without a penny.

Duration of the promotion
Biedronka 23.05-05.06
Tesco 24.05-30.06
Polo Market 23.05- 29.05
Pepco 25.05- 07.06
Carrefour 23.05- 29.05
Real 24.05-30.05 or toys 24.05-06.06
Rossmann from 21.05
Auchan 23.05-30.05
Piotr i Paweł 23.05-01.06
Intermarche 24.05-30.05
Kaufland 24.05-30.05