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Juno, or teenage mothers

Juno, or teenage mothers

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Age of sexual initiation decreases more and more drastically. What for my generation remained in the sphere of dreams is something natural for the current teenager. It is not just that children are growing up faster now, it's about the culture of the society and about these things. You can't hide it sex is ubiquitous. The headlines of colorful newspapers scream about how to experience the best orgasm in life, the characters in movies and series experience dilemmas of finding a way to hide betrayal or discuss the superiority of one form of caresses over another. Even ads suggest that a deodorant or gel will make any girl end up in the bed of the man who used the cosmetic. In the midst of this information, the topic of contraception was cleaned under the rug. Breakfast TV will sometimes mention some scientific revolution in the field of hormonal anti-pregnancy measures, but I have not seen advertising spots with slices popular with Polish celebrities a few years ago. But the real sensation is talk show programs in which teenagers pregnant or underage mothers appear. Although we live in the 21st century, girls who prematurely became women are still pointed at with their fingers.Why?

Sex in an eraser? It's like washing your hands with a glove

Theme with proof of love in the form of devotion to the boy went down in history. Teens have sex because it falls out, they believe that everyone does it, and the fear of being disapproved and rejected because of their otherness adds to their animosity. They do it more and more often out of boredom, just like anywhere, with a random partner. Unfortunately, it also happens for a show. I will return to the archaic times of my youth, when the card game itself, popularly called Flirt, was exciting. Now even the famous "Sunshine" ceases to be a promiscuous thing, and the galleries no longer shock. Girls can sell for a few bills.

On one of the internet forums for teens, Monique wrote: I started meeting my friend once in a while, as if in complete secrecy without any obligations. We met each other's needs ... Then with others, yes and others, and to be honest there were a few of them in a long time. However, the secret has not become a secret and now uninteresting things about me can be heard. Maybe I actually crossed a border at some point. I feel terrible now. Maybe I should go to a psychologist? I can't deal with it. Now I have rather become disgusted with sex and in general I do not have the best self-esteem ... I did not think that it would bring such annoying effects, but unfortunately I will not turn back time. When a girl stops respecting herself, as a woman with all her baggage, needs, desires and behaviors, sometimes, besides embarrassment, there is a souvenir after intoxicating moments in the form of two lines on a pregnancy test. Depending on the situation and person there is shock, disbelief and an attempt to face the problem. Even if some of them imagine that this is just a mistake, a factory defect of the test, they sometimes realize that they will have to tell their loved ones the news, which in their case is probably the last thing their parents would like to hear about.


There are very few movies that deal with the topic of pregnant teenagers in a manner that does not have a moralistic tone. Most of this type of production is ordered by television stations, which in this way implement their missionary activity with the slogan - "As a warning." When in 2004 a movie about a teenager entered the cinema screens, who decided to give her child for adoption and return to her current life, maintaining a makeshift bit of normality, his originator - Diablo Cody was hailed as a scandalist. What contributed to this public reaction? Probably the original attitude of the main heroine - juvenile Juno, unusually mature for her age and probably a girl on the ground. Just choosing the name of a young pregnant woman deserves attention. An inquisitive viewer, even without an explanation, which Juno herself gives to a potential father who was to raise her child, will seek information about the Roman goddess Junona, the hubs of female existence with a special emphasis on the sphere of intimacy and motherhood.

When it first disappoints

Juno chose her friend-athlete, amateur musician with a calm disposition as the first sexual partner. It was not a romantic evening planned with the smallest details, but a random relationship in an old chair between watching a movie and talking about a not very interesting topic. This one and only time resulted in an unexpected pregnancy.

The heroine of the film wanting to make sure of her blessed state, she did a pregnancy test three times, without embarrassing urinating in a toilet in a nearby store. When she got used to the growing belly, she decided to inform her father and stepmother. Before this happened, Juno considered various options that would be the best solution for the situation in which she found herself.

The filmmakers did not escape from abortion problem. The girl, convinced of the rightness of the procedure, was almost an abortion. It stopped, one could say, an absurd argument - information of a young protector of the unborn life that the baby growing under Juno's heart already has nails. This tangible snag was unusually pictorial and affected the imagination of a pregnant woman.
The teenager decided to give birth and give the child for adoption. Her best friend helped her choose the future parents of her offspring. This issue also contains an irrational element - the girl was looking for a couple who would look after her child in the newspaper, one would like to say mundane ads regarding car sales, home purchases and job offers. And so, with a ready plan for the near future, she appeared in her parents' living room to announce to them that they would become grandparents. Their reaction to the viewer may seem too calm. Surprised by the confession, the girls expected other revelations. They were afraid of problems at school or with drugs, but the thought of pregnancy did not come to the fore. They both showed their understanding and were supportive of Juno all the time. Particularly noteworthy is the attitude of the stepmother, who stood up for her stepdaughter, who was offended by a woman operating an ultrasound apparatus, suggesting that the best thing that could happen to an unborn baby is that his young mother agreed to give them for adoption.

The best parents for my child

The marriage, to which Juno had promised her baby, was in crisis, as the main character learned shortly before delivery. After years of effort, Vanessa and Mark were one step away from fulfilling their biggest dream, which, as it turned out later, was relevant only to one of the parties. The issue of infertility was not presented here as a family drama. The creators of the film tried to emphasize that such things happen, they are not the end of the world, a conviction to live with a sense of unfulfillment and emptiness. The fact that a couple cannot be biological parents does not make them inferior members of society, nor does they close the door to raising another's child.

Father to be ...

Somewhere in all this is Bleeker - the father of the child. It can be safely said that in this relationship, which had not been formally defined before the pregnancy scandal, the heroine of the film is the head and neck, the brain of the operation. It is Juno who makes decisions related to his child's body, health and future. He doesn't expect any help, support or any help from Bleeker. They both live their own lives. He, at her instigation, even tries to bond with another girl, which ultimately hurts his child's mother who is in love with him. Juno's parents do not try to intervene with Bleeker's mother, they do not demand taking half the responsibility for the pregnancy, for the effects of accidental elevation. After all, Bleeker appears when he is most needed to be a rock for a girl who gave him her virtue and heart.

To comforting teenage hearts

Juno is an optimistic story, a moving fairy tale with a happy happy ending. Despite the honest and simple message, it seems to me something impossible to exist in our country, in a society that points fingers teen bellies, throwing their owners epithets that I would not like to quote. It is a warm tale about a girl who, despite her young age, treated her sexual mishap as something, after which you can go to normality and live as if nothing had ever happened, still be a saucy, intelligent, world-famous minor who sits on the stairs in front of the house her boyfriend and she sings with him that together you can overcome all adversities. Maybe I live in a different world, but I couldn't just turn my emotions off, forget that for nine months I was carrying a child under my heart, give it to strangers and just be a freedom girl again. Even if I was aware that I would make a good choice, that at the time of becoming a mother I would not be able to bring up a young man, provide him with the necessary things for the proper development, I could not just be a happy person again.