Promotions for parents and children

Promotions for parents and children

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June in supermarkets tempts with many toys and promotions. Almost all promotional brochures are full of offers addressed to children and their parents. What will we buy cheaper this time? Be sure to see!


  • Pampers diapers- Packaging for Pampers Baby Active plus midi diapers (186 items) is available at Tesco for PLN 100.
  • Sleep & Play diapers - in Net for PLN 25.99.
  • Bella Happy - at Real Madrid, we'll give away 39.99 for diapers of different sizes.


  • porridge- In Tesco 230g a packet of milk-rice BoboVita porridge now costs less by PLN 1.70. You'll pay 5.99 PLN for them at the checkout. At Auchan, we'll pay PLN 1 less than usual for Hipp milk-rice porridge: at the cash register, you'll pay for 8.99. In Carrefour, three Nestle porridges for two for 14.98 (one pack 4.89). Nestle porridges in Real instead of 7.99 only 6.79.
  • Bobovita flakes - For Bobovita petals in Carrefour, you'll get puzzles for free. At the cash register, you'll spend 5.79 ;.
  • Lajkonik Junior fingers - in Real instead of 3.25 we will pay 2.59 PLN.
  • Desserts for children - we will pay 3.99 for a set of small Bobovita jars in Real.
  • Hipp children's dishes - we will pay 8.99 PLN for three jars.


  • For the garden- Between You will get toys at Tesco with a 50% discount for toys that will be useful to every child in the sandbox. In Net, on the other hand, we pay PLN 7.99 for spades, long rakes and flying balls, and PLN 12.99 for a net tennis set.
  • Lego bricks - we will pay half the price at Tesco for Lego City bricks. We give 29.99 at the cash desk instead of 59.99.
  • A pillow or a plush backpack - for 24.99 you will receive in "Biedronka". Do you prefer a tiger, a ladybug, and maybe you will choose something else?
  • Folding scooter - at a price of 159.99 to be bought in Net.
  • Trampoline - ideal for setting up in the garden and for jumping up, with attempts to reach the sky at a price of 699 zlotys available at Biedronka.
  • Volleyball or basketball ball - at 14.99 available in Biedronka.
  • Monopoly - iconic board game in Real now for 69.95 instead of 119 zlotys.


  • Books and CDs for a preschooler in Net available for 7.99.
  • Sun visors for side windows for two pieces PLN 9.99 in the Polo Market.
  • Plastic container for toys - durable and practical in Real only for 24.95.


A set of T-shirt and shorts Disney in size 62-92 is an expense of only 16.99 in Net.

Duration of the promotion
Super-Pharm 31.05- 13.06
Biedronka 31.05 - 4.06
Net - 28.05 - 3.06.
Auchan 1.06-12.06
Carrefour - 30.05-4.06
Polo Market 30.05-5.06