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A gift idea for Grandma's and Grandpa's Day

A gift idea for Grandma's and Grandpa's Day

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We celebrate Grandma's Day and Grandpa's Day in January: 21 and 22 of the month. The idea of ​​awarding grandmothers appeared in 1964 and grandparents a little later in the 1980s.

Every year in January, grandchildren make wishes, give grandmas and grandparents small gifts: most often flowers, sweets and handmade trinkets. Special meetings are organized in nurseries and kindergartens to honor Seniors in a special way. During speeches it is not difficult to move and tear in the eye.

Sometimes, apart from small gifts, parents have a need to give their grandparents something extra to thank them in a special way. What is worth choosing?

Here are our ideas.

Handmade pralines

Instead of standard chocolate or chocolate boxes, you can choose hand-made pralines for grandma

Super Grandma chocolates price PLN 25, available at Chocolissimo

Sets: one for grandmother, the other for grandfather hand-made 15 washing machines, price 100 PLN

Something for a baby, something for Grandma and Grandpa

How about giving grandparents something that will give them a lot of ideas on how to spend time with a baby and will additionally support the child's development?

WIR publishing house has prepared, for example, "Tutusia's Games: With grandfather and grandmother". The package includes books and playing cards with children from 1 to 3 years old.

Price: PLN 45

A pillow from spoiled grandchildren

Or maybe a gift from the decorative category, a little witty? For example, such a pillow?

Pillow available in the crazyshop shop for PLN 50

Or a pillow: a family tree?

Crazyshop pillow price PLN 50

Candy container

How is it that grandmothers and grandparents always have something sweet: and these are buried candies in their pockets, and they are cookies in wardrobes that are associated with the sweet flavors of childhood. Perhaps products such as below will be a good idea?

Price: 68 zlotys, crazyshop


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