Anti-vaccine movements and recurrence of dangerous diseases?

Anti-vaccine movements and recurrence of dangerous diseases?

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Vaccination is becoming increasingly difficult. A reasonable parent who not only reads official recommendations but also gets acquainted with the arguments of anti-vaccination movements can have a big dilemma. On the one hand, we have greedy vaccine manufacturers who are not immune to their influence, and on the other, we have many years of experience during which children are vaccinated with more or less success. There is also the problem of new vaccines whose impact has not been sufficiently studied, and the issue of coercion into vaccination. Many parents emphasize that every parent should have the choice: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, and all forms of coercion are unacceptable. However are you sure?

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It is difficult to argue with the arguments of parents who, after vaccinating children, had to face negative vaccination reactions. Themselves. Without the help of those who recommended vaccination. It is very difficult to assess whether the symptoms of the disease were related to the vaccine, or whether the high frequency of vaccinations in the first year of life and the dynamic development of the child have suggested that vaccines can cause disease. Perhaps the disease would develop even if the child was not vaccinated? On both sides of the barricade, we have statements from world experts who are either keen on vaccines or do not officially vaccinate their children or grandchildren, and advise against others too.

A few days ago, a map (above) appeared on the internet that shows that retreats from vaccinations result in measles attacks in the United States, Europe and especially the United Kingdom.

In addition to contracting measles, the creator of the map: Aaron Carrol, professor of pediatrics, points out increased incidence of whooping cough, which is to be related to the action of anti-vaccination movements, and especially draws attention to the 2010 whooping cough epidemic in Californiai. Proponents of vaccination, based on the above conclusions, emphasize that vaccination or non-vaccination of children is not an individual matter for each parent. In their opinion, this is to be a public health problem that is a threat to everyone.

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