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"Side effect of death"

"Side effect of death"

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Awareness about the effects of drugs and their side effects is increasing in Poland. Along with it, all initiatives promoting a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, exercise, and avoiding stimulants, which are supposed to be an alternative to "wonderful" pills for everything, become popular. Parents are increasingly hearing about informed decisions not to vaccinate children or attempts to treat sick children in an alternative way. On the one hand, trust in doctors and pharmaceutical companies is falling, on the other, more and more drugs are being created to open wallets and ... addictive. We are to think in a certain way. Believe that the tablet is good for everything.

The Great Pharmacy is not idle. Every day, pharmaceuticals occupy an important place in the advertising band. Pain medications, pills that promote immunity, memory supplements, concentration, preventing all diseases, adding strength, improving appearance are promoted. Today you can have tablets for almost anything. Do you want to weigh less? Why a diet, a pill! Do you lack the strength to play with children? The tablet will solve it. Gray skin Certainly vitamins in the tablet ... Advertising chases advertising. Swallowing pills becomes the only good option. The simplest. Fast. Effective.

The market is getting wider. Also covers the youngest with their tentacles. There is no problem to get lozenges that improve in children what, according to the Great Pharmacy, can be improved, for example, appetite. In the United States, the youngest are enrolled on a large scale for depression or ADHD. Attempts are still being made to improve Nature. And it is done. Silent side effects, including ... death. When it comes to the trial, pharmaceutical companies choose a settlement. Paying the injured family, they sweep the case under the rug.

About it, it's just for the book. About the great scams that make you rub your eyes with amazement, how big companies slightly change the composition of the drug after the expiration of patents and make almost the same preparation available to other patients, about bribes, convincing doctors to "the best solutions", and placing unexplored medicines on the market . About how great illusion we are told to live ... especially convincingly that medicines are good for everything. Meanwhile, preparations that save lives are great possessions of our time, but it is also a great breeding ground for greed and the desire to profit at all costs.

"Side effect of death" describes the history of introducing Prozac, insulin and other drugs. It makes you realize how little concern for pharmaceutical companies is the health of patients and how important profit is. It shows many methods of operation, which were described in the video below (interested I encourage you to watch).

And although the realities of the story of the author of this book, a man who formerly had a lot in common with Big Pharmacy, focus not on Poland, but also in our country many people are trying to prove to us that vitamins encapsulated in capsules are better than those that we can provide with a varied diet. We can easily find articles promoting "childhood diseases" (to sell drugs and find new audiences). Well-known pharmaceutical companies advertise their products undercover. Fan pages are founded on FB, which are promoted as methods for "raising a little professor", and which actually hide the names of drugs, advertising of the means without which the child cannot grow healthy and develop his intellectual abilities ... Examples could be multiplied. Unfortunately ...

"Side effect of death"

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