Promotions for parents and children

Promotions for parents and children

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The euro does not mean that we will only find white and red flags in the store. On the shelves there are a lot of suggestions for parents and children: babies, several-year-olds and older kids. What will we buy cheaper this time? See which hypermarket has the best offer for parents this time.


  • Pampers diapers- Different sizes of Pampers Baby Active diapers at Carrefour cost PLN 51.99 per pack. On the other hand, at Tesco, you will pay PLN 34.99 for the same type of diapers from the midi series. In Real on a value pack you spend PLN 43.95. Sizes midi 62, 54 and junior 44 pcs. you will buy for PLN 34.99 in Net price - the price is valid only on Friday 08.06 to 18.00.
  • Wet wipes- Pampers Fresh Wipes 4x64 pcs. now they cost PLN 25.99 at Tesco, but PLN 19.99. At the Polo Market you get a 20% discount on Tami Baby wipes. At the cash register for 72 items in the package you will pay PLN 3.99.


  • Milk- In Carrefour, buying a 350g Nestle Junior milk carton at PLN 14.99, you will get a second pack for ½ of its price. Different types of Nan milk in the Polo Market were discounted from PLN 16.79 to PLN 9.99 for 350g. You have to pay PLN 39.99 for a can of 800g. In Net, for 600g you will pay PLN 19.99 - applies to Nan Pro 2 and 3 milk.
  • Deserki- If you are tempted by four jars 125-130g of Gerber desserts, at the cash register in Carrefour you will pay only for 3 pieces, i.e. PLN 8.37. You will pay the same price for the same promotion at Tesco, but for BoboVity products.
  • Juices, water and drinks- At Tesco, you will pay PLN 1.89 for 2 bottles of 1.5 liter spring water. A 300g can of Hipp fennel tea now costs not 14.49 PLN in Real, but 10.14 PLN. You can buy BoboVity drinks and nectars in 175ml bottles at E.Leclerc for PLN 2.49 per item.
  • Cereals- Morning breakfast in the form of favorite BoboVity cereals will give babies and their parents a real pleasure, because for packing the selected type of this product you will pay in Real instead of PLN 6.99 only PLN 4.19.
  • porridge- In Real you will pay PLN 10.49 for two BoboVita milk-rice porridges.


  • vehicles- Tesco has reduced the prices of a four-wheeled scooter (from PLN 59.99 to PLN 39.99), a plastic lawn mower (from PLN 34.99 to PLN 19.99) and a shell-shaped sandpit, which you will now get by half cheaper, i.e. for PLN 29.99.


  • T-shirts and sweatshirts - For a child's printed t-shirt (size 92-164cm) you will pay at Carrefour PLN 9.99.
  • Footwear - Girls' sandals in size 23-28 will get at Biedronka for PLN 29.99.


  • For the garden- You will buy transparent inflatable swimming pools 163x107x46cm in Carrefour at PLN 49.99 per piece. At Tesco you will now save PLN 20 buying toddlers' pool filled with balls. It costs PLN 49.99. However, a 140x180cm trampoline will now cost you PLN 249.99, which is half the price.
  • For little ones Non-company baby accessories (pacifiers, nail scissors, silicone finger pads for cleaning the gums, teat case, nose pear) are available at Carrefour for PLN 4.99 / item
  • To the car- At Tesco, the price of the Nania Basic Komfort car seat went down by PLN 100. Now you will pay PLN 99.99 for it. You will also save PLN 4 on glass covers with a picture of Winnie the Pooh. They will cost you PLN 12.99 per item

Duration of the promotion

Carrefour 05/06 - 11/06
Tesco 06.06- 13.06 and 06.06- 20.06 (accessories)
Real 06.06- 14.06
Polo Market 06.06- 12.06
Net 08.06-10.06
Biedronka 08.06-13.06
E.Leclerc 05.06-17.06