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Cuddly - why is it so important for a child?

Cuddly - why is it so important for a child?

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Plush monkey, with tousled hair (it is difficult to determine the factory color) with lips painted in pink with mum's lipstick - that's how I remember my cuddly toy. I also remember my mother's aversion to the monkey, because there was no question of washing her (after all, she could have destroyed herself and lost her make-up), and she was not just a playmate. I slept with her, took her to the doctor or to visit my aunt.

Today, as a mother, I am going through the same with my child, who cannot sleep without his favorite cuddly toy. Probably most parents have similar experiences and agree on the importance of cuddly at home. Of course, it is not always a teddy bear or a cuddly toy, children choose different friends: rag dolls, diaper nappy, pillow, blanket, mother's pajamas, etc.

Perfect cuddly

Often adults choose a nice mascot in the store to become a child's cuddle. However, life shows that children make other choices, not necessarily reaching for attractive subjects for adults.

Cuddly attachment usually appears around second half of the child's life and passes to 6 years of age. Favorite usually soft, so that you can cuddle, pleasant to chew on and easily absorbing smells (e.g., mom or pet home). Fields of poverty when a pet can be washed in a washing machine, worse with those less durable or enriched with electronic components.

The main role of a cuddly toy is to ensure safety when there is no parent next to it. And although not all children have their favorite, each one in their own way tries to cope with the lack of a parent, e.g. by sucking his thumb, pulling his ear or even murmuring to the rhythm of the song.

Why is a child really cuddly?

The cuddly initially replaces the parent, who, after all, can not always hug or pick up. It gives a sense of security and calms down, because it always accompanies the toddler. The cuddly toy also makes it easier to fall asleep, the child can cuddle in it and feel safe even when sleeping at home. There is also no better medicine for sadness or illness than your favorite toy.

Taking a cuddly to a foreign place (doctor, kindergarten, visit to my aunt) allows you to overcome your fear of new surroundings. It is easier for a child to find himself in a new place when he has a well-known thing with him. Beloved teddy bear is not only the most loyal friend, but also can teach a child a lot.