Spa for a newborn?

Spa for a newborn?

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One would like to write: what people will not come up with ... because this idea would seem crazy: a spa for newborns. A place where, after a hard day of dirtying diapers, sucking milk, crying and naps, an infant can relax and unwind at the highest level.

In the United States, Houston Float Baby offers SPA for three weeks old newborns. What's on offer? Instead of masks - newborn massages and hydrotherapy. The main point of the program is relaxing at the pool in a circle (photo next to it). For the price of 65 $, the child has, as the organizers assure, the opportunity to truly relax, and in addition parents can support his physical development. The owners of SPA for newborns emphasize that the toddler feels happy in the water, experiences freedom, and additionally strengthens his immune system and blood circulation.

What do skeptics say about this? They emphasize that the idea of ​​a spa for a newborn is just a recipe for income, that the place of the newborn is home, that such a small child is best to relax in the arms of a parent, and his development at such an early stage does not have to be "professionally stimulated".

The 'family' baby spa is also available in Poland. The promotional video will be viewed below.

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