III trimester

III trimester

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The last trimester of pregnancy is the period when your body fully prepares for delivery. As never before, he adapts to the needs and requirements he will meet. In the last three months you will be dynamically back and your figure will change every week, more and more by marking your stomach.

The general rule is that in In the third trimester, you should weigh about 20% more than when you were pregnant. This indication may, however, be higher for very slim women, and lower if you are by nature "round."

Although you will certainly want to eat sweets and often unhealthy snacks, save yourself and your baby, so as not to get sick gestational diabetes and not to put on weight too much, worrying about stretch marks on the skin. You can cope with bouts of wolf hunger eating more often and smaller portions. It is also worth taking care of the menu for another reason - unhealthy snacks are conducive to tooth decay, which often affects weakened teeth during pregnancy.

You can also be in the third trimester extremely tired. In a way, you can remedy these feelings by choosing frequent walks, even close to home and daily quiet gymnastics.

In addition, you must unfortunately take into account edema (read more about swelling in pregnancy). Those on the legs and hands can appear especially at the end of the day and on exceptional hot days. You can handle them only to a certain extent (this condition is physiological). By frequent resting on the side, with legs on the pillow.