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Is it time to say goodbye to the diaper?

Is it time to say goodbye to the diaper?

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When to start learning how to potty?

This is a difficult topic that evokes a lot of emotions today. It is associated with three-year-olds "still" running in diapers and babies "forced" into behaviors that they do not understand. A young parent can meet with different positions, views, often listens to the mutually exclusive advice ... How to keep all this common sense and not get crazy?

Time for a potty, time for summer

Many parents think that it is worth spring and summer to take up the challenge of saying goodbye to the diaper. The baby usually walks lightly dressed, it is easier to remove the diaper and quickly put on the potty. You can even opt for the panties themselves, which, when wet, can help your baby learn by understanding the sequence of event - effect.

What de-blasting style will you choose?

More problems and doubts than the season of the year is aroused by the de-stinging style itself and by what age the child must be to learn to control physiological needs.

Is it worth starting to tame the potty quickly, or rather feel the right moment and allow for a short, although effective learning?

Supporters of quick stripping

So-called an old school assumed taming the child with the potty, when the toddler starts sitting up alone, which is about the eighth month. Starting from the planting of the child in the morning, in the evening, after naps and after meals, you can probably count on the potty to be filled, and then wait for the child to associate "parental moaning" with the fact of defecation.

Baby planted early for potty usually, he quickly begins to understand what is expected of him and in his own way about his first birthday he is able to inform at first about the "poo" and then about the fact that he wants to "pee".

If a parent approaches learning calmly and without "pressure", this is in most cases a good method. It allows you to get rid of diapers permanently during the day in children as young as 1.5 years old. On the other hand, it also has drawbacks - it requires a lot of patience and discipline on the side ... of parents. Rarely, learning lasts several days, rather the duration counts in months.

In addition, initially blast a baby potty very often (due to the small bladder), it is only with time that you can count on your child to "call and pee less often".

The undoubted advantage of early stripping is the fact that the baby is planted faster, he rarely protests and adapts more easily to the new situation, treating it as a kind of ritual.

What do your opponents say? They often refer to research results that indicate that the best time to remove the baby is around the third birthday. An interesting opinion was made by Dr. Steve Hodges, a professor at the University of Wake Forest in North Carolina, who believes that rapid dehumidification can do more harm than good. It is to be related to children's psychological problems and urinary tract diseases. A quick farewell to diapers, according to him, can lead to constipation and even kidney damage or urinary tract infections, because young children must keep their "needs" longer than they should.