Do you kiss your child on the lips?

Do you kiss your child on the lips?

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Do you kiss your child on the lips? Neither pediatricians nor dentists answer this question clearly. When asked, they usually do not recommend or forbid kisses on the lips. Still, this form of showing love for a child has its strong supporters and opponents. Some say that it is unhygienic, others that it is reserved for a partner, not a child ... there are also those who do not see in the kisses on the lips nothing inappropriate.

When is the kiss on the lips? Can it be "too old" for such tenderness? Is it safer to kiss the cheek or forehead?

The oral cavity is the largest bacterial habitat

Harry Connick, an American singer and actor kissing his daughter

That's why opponents of kissing a child on the lips say no - don't kiss, because it's dangerous! We cannot be sure whether we will not transfer any infection, bacteria or virus, or even tooth decay to the child - it is harmless for us and maybe very dangerous for us.

There are also counterarguments in the category - what does not kill us will strengthen us, i.e. the need to raise children "normally" in an environment in which the toddler will function for several years, without excessive sterilization and hygiene, which in exaggerated terms may also be harmful.


Kissing a child (especially an infant) on the lips can be very dangerous and have tragic effects. In this way, you can easily transfer the herpes virus. There is a known case in Poland when a father infected her two-month-old son with herpes. The boy has died.

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Argument - "heavy works"

Today, a kiss on the child's mouth also carries the risk of being accused of harassment ...

In addition, a child kissed on the lips may have a problem with understanding why this way should not show their feelings to friends in kindergarten or school ... - so say some opposed to kisses on the lips.

The children are watching

Toddlers watch their parents from an early age. When they see my dad kiss my mother on the lips, they also want to show their feelings in this way. Should they, as a parent, be authoritatively forbidden in such a situation? Say that only parents kiss on the lips and the child can no longer?

Nothing is allowed

People who do not see anything wrong with kissing on the lips of a child put forward such an argument: "soon I will have to send applications, can I touch my own child ... Now nothing is allowed. Shout no, get angry no, kiss no ... "

How is it: we have the right to kiss a child where we want and show tenderness as we want? Who and when can kiss on the lips? Should the child decide for himself? Is the parent supposed to have control over how the child shows tenderness? Can grandmother, grandfather, aunt kiss the lips?