Feeding a baby with a bottle - guide

Breastfeeding, although natural, is often difficult at first. On the other hand, bottle feeding is accepted in many cases with relief. Because children learn to suck a pacifier without much difficulty, and parents are calmer because they have no problem feeding the baby to his heart's content. This does not mean that everything is simple. You need to prepare for bottle feeding. This requires knowledge of the subject and knowledge.

Selection of bottles and mixtures

Breastfeeding, we do not have to worry about choosing a bottle, there is no problem with buying and preparing the mixture. We do not have to look for water, boil it, cool it. There is no need to brew bottles. However, if we feed artificially, we must prepare well for it.

What baby milk?

No mixture can replace mother's natural food. So far, no such product has been produced, which would contain, for example antibodies, so important for the immunity of a small child.

However, when it comes to nutritional values, modern manufacturers create mixtures very close to the ideal. They contain proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, other nutrients combined in the same proportions as in mother's milk. They must also be subject to very strict standards in Poland all milk available for sale has a certificate.

How to choose the first baby milk?

The choice of mixtures is enormous. It is therefore difficult to make a decision based on the appearance of the packaging or manufacturer's recommendations. Of course, everyone will fight for their milk to be selected, because in this way you earn specific money. However, it is not the effectiveness of marketers that should decide about our purchases ... but the best milk composition and adaptation to the needs of the child.

So how do you make a good choice for modified milk?

if you have trust in the pediatrician, talk with him. It's likely that he'll show you a good mix.
Perhaps you will be tempted to give cow milk before the child reaches the age of one. Don't do it though. The baby is not prepared for this: milk is not as easily digestible or adapted to the immature digestive system as mother's milk.