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Tuli - a toy from the first days

Tuli - a toy from the first days

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The stores do not lack mascots for children, toys that could serve as a cuddly toy, the best friend of the baby. There are so many of them that each of us can choose something suitable for their child.

Despite such a huge selection, it is worth noting that not all of the available proposals are suitable for children from the first days of life. A baby toy must meet high demands. It should not be chosen accidentally.


First of all, it must be safe, made of good quality materials. Tuli was sewn in Poland from certified materials. It has a certificate - Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 - a well-known certificate, recognized all over the world. The product is free of harmful chemicals.

With character

Tuli, Tulek, Tulisław is a toy available in three designs - bunny, dog and elephant, in three colors - beige, pink and blue. The head of the mascot has a delicate rattle, from the outside it is covered with a warm and soft velor, and from the inside a cool and delicate satin.

Instead of a diaper diaper

Tuli is an alternative to the baby diaper so often given to a child to fall asleep. Much better than her, because more interesting, more pleasant to the touch and one of a kind.

Polish product

Tuli is a toy that was designed in Poland. It is also produced here. This is another argument for choosing it.

All Tuli (regardless of color and pattern) cost PLN 65.

What are our impressions?

We were sure that Tuli would quickly find interest in the eyes of her younger daughter. Contrary to predictions, very quickly the beige bunny reached out three-year-old, deciding to sleep with him, joining Tuli to Teddy Bear, to whom she usually cuddled before falling asleep. That is why our younger, 14-month-old tester had no opportunity to get to know the bunny closer ... Perhaps she had it in her hand once, so that after a while the elderly would pick him up with the objection that it was her bunny. This attachment, honestly, was a big surprise for us.

Our older daughter takes Tuli for a walk and also uses it in the form of a blanket - she sits on it, puts her head on the meadow. Accompanies her for several days in all important events.

How long will this fascination last? Hard to say…

So far, we've been tricked to pick up Tuli after dark and wash the toy to check how the fabric behaves after washing. Without comments.

Therefore, the overall rating is: