Autumn travels with a child

Autumn travels with a child

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Autumn journeys. When the holidays are over, go with your child for a weekend out of town. Where? Write and win prizes funded by MiniTraper.

We warmly invite you to a new competition, specially prepared for you to sweeten the end of the holiday and a positive start to the new school year. :)

Prize in the competition

Prize in the competition

The rules are very simple.

Please send Your ideas for autumn journeys.

Choose a place or places where you can go on a weekend with your child.

Will it be a specific city, town, or maybe a park, forest or a mysterious corner? Surprise us and be sure to justify your type!

We count on your creativity and interesting suggestions and travel plans, which we may be able to implement ourselves by traveling with "pine children". :)

Send your answers to the address [email protected] with the note "MiniTraper" in title.

Don't forget to sign with your name.

Your answers can have a maximum 1000 characters with spaces. Each person can send a maximum of one message.

What can you win?

We have as many as 5 awards funded for you by our friend MiniTraper store:

  • Tuloko traveler organizer - a very practical product of the Polish company Tuloko intended for children from 2 years of age. Its uniqueness consists of good-quality materials, careful workmanship, thought-out and secure pocket system, universal size that fits most car seats and a unique tablet window. Thanks to such features, even the most demanding traveler will find something interesting "in front of him" during a long and tedious journey.
  • Tuloko travel table - a novelty on the market that has won the hearts of many parents. You can read about the table in our review on the website (here). A truly compact table for an airplane, car, train or bus at which your child will not be bored.

    Prize in the competition

    Useful during fun, art classes, meals, arranging puzzles and studying geographical maps, of course during travel. Suitable for most car seats, made of the best materials, made in Poland, and above all safe and designed based on the travel experience of "riding parents".

  • Trunki - blanket and pillow - Trunki blanket and pillow that will ensure a comfortable journey for your child. Each set includes a plush pillow case with an inflatable insert and a blanket. The products can be connected with each other using the unique Trunki Grip attachment, thanks to which the blanket will not fall and the child will be covered.
  • Backpack animals owl - ideal for kindergarten, school and for trips. Charming and very practical. It consists of a main compartment and a pocket for small items.
  • Skip Hop Water Bottle Zoo - a practical and functional companion useful for walks, trips out of town, in kindergarten and at school. Its colorful design will cheer up the weary traveler, and the straw-hiding system in the cap, after moving the closure, will facilitate storage and protect against possible spillage of liquid. Transparent walls show the amount of drink in the bottle, while the attached lanyard allows you to attach the water bottle to a backpack, purse or trolley.

Duration of the competition

The competition is underway from September 1 to September 14, 2014 year until 24.00.

The results will be announced by September 18.

Prize in the competition

Detailed regulations are available here.

Prize in the competition

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