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"Book of pregnancy. Everything you need to know about pregnancy, month after month. "

There are many guides dedicated to pregnant women on the publishing market. What distinguishes this item?

The "book of pregnancy" was written by the authors associated with parenthood of closeness. It fits perfectly in the gap, showing the period of pregnancy in a completely different way: without unnecessary medicalisation, in harmony with nature, own intuition, premonitions, but also under the care of an experienced doctor whom a woman trusts.

The authors - William Sears, Martha Sears, Linda Holt, Bj Snell show some universal truths that apply to every pregnant and growing child. However, they have repeatedly emphasized that each pregnancy is different, so you should approach the issue with distance, focusing on your own feelings and intuition, which often tells us what is best for us at a given moment. Pregnancy remains unique as each of us. There are no two the same pregnancies as there are no two the same children.

Why are there four authors? It turns out to look at the issue comprehensively.

Martha is the mother of eight children, which is why she brings to the guide a lot of experience from a woman experienced in motherhood. Linda Holt is a midwife who received around 3,000 births during her life. William Sears is a doctor, pediatrician with 40 years of experience. Dr Bj Snell is an experienced midwife.

The guide in many respects resembles a typical book for future mothers - it describes in detail the pregnancy - week after week. On the other hand, however, it also contains other interesting chapters that describe what is happening with the future mother and her child in a very interesting, original way. And so the first chapter is devoted to preparations for getting pregnant, the second and third describe the way of eating. The issue of appropriate weight during pregnancy and how the indications during weighing affect the woman's health and the child's condition are presented in turn. In turn, the authors describe exercises for two, the role of restful sleep and smile in pregnancy.

The last chapter is devoted to a more demanding pregnancy, with various health problems.

What do I think about this publication?

It is written in a friendly language, very substantive, extensive, contains a lot of interesting information, allows you to experience the period of pregnancy consciously. In my opinion (and I had many guides in my hands) it is one of the best. I would definitely consider buying it as a gift for my future mother. I would recommend!

Thank you to Mamania publishing house for providing a review copy.