What parents don't like Fisher Price for?

What parents don't like Fisher Price for?

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There is no parent who does not know the Fisher Price brand. The flagship products are in every home - Pot Block or Puppy Puppy. The undoubted advantage of all products of this brand is the quality of performance and durability. And the disadvantages? Well they are! More and more visible.

While the world is rediscovering the wonderful and wise simplicity of wooden blocks and rag dolls, FP blindly follows the progress, proposing educational toys that paradoxically teach less and less. It's a bit like learning how to count - to count on your fingers, your child must use his imagination, to count using a calculator, just know the numbers. This is my biggest complaint, but in turn ...

1. Price

In a country where the average wage concerns a small percentage of the population, the majority must "manage", having incomparably less money available, spending about PLN 200 for a toy is really a big expense. The FP logo costs. It is often the case that the gifts of this brand are bought by grandparents or aunts. It is sometimes contributory. Is it really worth straining financially to buy a toy that works only for a moment? Well, that's another point ...

2. Limited fun.

Why can you buy used FP toys at online auctions with no traces of use? Poviat - high quality! Yes, but not only! These toys simply fall out of circulation quickly. What can you do with an ice toy with attached knobs attached to each other? Have fun putting on the knobs. How long? Take a moment to satisfy the curiosity caused by the new toy. Why a shiny and playing plastic brush? It's really an anti-creative toy! Will a box of paints and a real brush teach toddler more? It's like teaching a child to walk by showing him people on television instead of giving him the opportunity to try his own hand. Potato stamps and fifteen minutes of parent's attention can teach a child much more than pressing plastic buttons. The already mentioned Puppy Puppy is not only heavy and bulky, but also too ... talkative. I have never seen my child play with it other than by pressing parts of the body. What is different about Julia - hand-sewn rags found in the depths of the Internet. Julia is soft, handy and incomparably tastier than a smiling, motley dog. She doesn't play and doesn't say - a small owner does for her. Julia cries, laughs, dances, runs, despite the fact that, unlike the fanciful creature, she is not packed with electronics. Playing with Julia definitely works better on my daughter's imagination.

3. Bulky and heavy.

What does dropping a Pot on a block result in? You don't need to explain. This toy weighs over a kilogram, and is recommended for children from 6 months of age. Inserting the fittings into the holes is extremely difficult for a child. Not only are the protrusions that trigger the melodies interfering, but also the rounded walls of the sorter. Most of the toys of the criticized brand have the right weight and dimensions making it difficult to take with them on a journey. They are definitely not handy gadgets.