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How can you tell your family about your pregnancy?

How can you tell your family about your pregnancy?

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Some are waiting with good pregnancy information for the end of the first trimesterwhen the risk of miscarriage drops significantly. Others are so excited that they are sharing information performance of the test. Still others wait until when pregnancy will be confirmed by a doctor. Regardless of this, there are often doubts about how to convey information about pregnancy so that it is good or exceptional ...

How to inform about pregnancy ...? Personally

It is not always possible to give a message about your pregnancy to your loved ones in person. However, in four eyes worth telling about pregnancy to future grandparents or siblings. Thanks to this, you can observe emotions and immediately accept congratulations, handshakes, or remember tears of emotion for many years.

When the pregnancy message is forwarded by telephone: via text message or telephone conversation, of course, emotions are not hidden and you can even feel them, but not in such a way as when good news is transmitted personally.

Gala dinner

Many people decide to announce their pregnancy at a gala dinner: be it in a restaurant or at home. You can give this moment by inviting your loved ones and raising a toast magic power. The joy of this moment also strengthens another tradition. It is practiced, for example, through giving future grandparents flowers or champagne.

In addition, there are a lot of couples waiting for information about pregnancy to be sent to some special occasion: mother's birthday, future grandfather's name day, etc. On the other hand, this option has as many supporters as opponents. Some think that by announcing joyous information about pregnancy on the birthday of a brother, one can overshadow the basic reason for meeting in a family circle, which is not always well received.

Who should we give information about pregnancy in the first place: parents of the future mom or dad?