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"Trapped in childhood"

"Trapped in childhood"

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This is one of those books that is difficult to read. Reading is not facilitated by coarse, too infantile language, which horribly tries to be clever and imaginary. The story itself is also troublesome, told in a wrong way, in a way fragmentary, disordered, which hinders its reception. Despite this, which may come as a surprise, "In the trap of childhood" I am able to recommend to you with full responsibility. Not to spend a good time, but to understand once again what is most important in life. What children never forget, and what adults don't remember very often.

Childhood vibe

The first years of childhood are one of the myths that we try to pass on from generation to generation. Just like the myth of motherhood, perceived as a beautiful time, an idyll, when the day is rubber, the child understands its parents, and mother and daddy look at the child with delight each day without having bad days.
It is similar with childhood. Hardly anyone, before having children, of course, realizes how much difficulty for the species is development and maturation. Despite providing even really fairy-tale conditions, the child faces a lot of frustration, setbacks, anger and sadness. There are times when it is "difficult" and unbearable.
Every small person has the right to do so. And what can you expect from a child who does not know his parents, and looks for his mother's smell in a teddy bear, which is the only souvenir from her day, when she goes to the shelter? What is the fate of children from orphanages, from foster families who want only one thing: that someone would take them home ...?

A book-document full of emotions

If the memories of a five-year-old who goes under the roof of a tyrant and an alcoholic were not based on real childhood events, most likely no one would have issued them. In terms of workshop, the book is too weak to be read with pleasure or with more interest. If we were additionally aware that this is only an imaginary story, reading would not defend itself.

Fortunately (for literature and readers, not for the author, of course) "In the trap of childhood" is a document based on the memories of the author: Joselito Michaud - today known as a producer, journalist of television and radio programs, and especially as a television program director in Poland known as the "Star Factory".
Writing down memories by a well-known person who, in addition to something in life, did not give up and was able to reverse the negative course of events, can be optimistic. It can also give another obvious signal: that a child is able to endure a lot, the imperfection of this world, even cruelty and violence, and yet find enough strength to survive.

The story also gives another valuable hint that children who have a worse start do not have to be condemned to live outside society. He realizes that the parents' frequent efforts: additional English, playing the piano, trips to museums are not everything. They do not mean enough to disqualify at the start those children who in the evenings admire the stars, dreaming of a different life.

Even toddlers who do not have parents, wandering around foster families, if they get the minimum amount of warmth, support and understanding, they can do anything. It comforts and gives hope that everything is never lost, as we used to say, and that it is worth fighting to the end, even in this difficult topic, which is raising children or educating adults so that they do not hurt the child by raising. The story of Joselito Mihaud teaches and stimulates thinking, even though he does it with lame grace ...

Thank you to the publisher Prószyński i S-ka for providing us with a copy of the review book.