5th week of pregnancy

5th week of pregnancy

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If you don't have a period and you suspect you might be pregnant, now is the time, to buy a test.

Home tests carried out in accordance with the instructions give reliable result. You can choose from: strip, plate, stream and digital test. The one you choose has no effect on the result. The individual types differ only slightly in the way the test is performed.

What about the results? Two lines bring almost certainty that the embryo has nested in the uterine cavity. A negative result at this stage may change in a few days. Therefore, if menstruation after a few days still does not appear, it is worth repeating the examination.


Baby is nothing but cluster of jelly cellsin which very important changes occur every day. It is more like him, though tadpole, not a child, and even more in size (with the entire gestational sac) having more orange seedsbut it's still growing fast!

Already in the fifth week of pregnancy a neural tube developsfrom which it then arises spine and spinal cord. The neural spool is currently open, but will close next week.

It is amazing that most systems, for example the digestive system, are just beginning to shape, and already at this stage my heart begins to beat! It has a size poppy seed, they are formed by two tiny tubules, which are professionally called cardiac coils. It is the heart that arises first (in the form of a simple tube) to quickly gain a more advanced form in which the chambers and atria are formed.


In the fifth week of pregnancy, you will probably feel the first signs of pregnancy. You will certainly feel tired, irritable, drowsy. Typical are breast pain or frequent urination. Some women are already nauseous, but most do not appear until a few weeks later.

What is worth remembering?

The first visit to the gynecologist should be done around the eighth week of pregnancy. It is important to ensure a good specialist selection. Ask among loved ones whom they recommend.

It is important for the doctor to enjoy good opinion and arouse positive feelings in you. The trust you should give your doctor is essential. Remember that during pregnancy you will visit the gynecologist's office very often, hence think carefully about this decision so that you do not have to go on a forced appointment.

From mom's diary

I feel like I did before menstruation, but this one, despite frequent visits to the toilet to see if it already, still does not come. My breasts are slightly swollen, making them appear larger (which is not particularly worrying me). Nausea still does not leave me, and the chicken completely went away. I won't move even though they forced me.

Party. My birthday. Even before leaving the club I am crying because I got a text from a friend that he would be late. This trivial message causes a lot of consistency. Nobody loves me, nobody respects me, everyone meets me because I am afraid to refuse. Why all this? I lie on the bed and cry. The husband knocks on the closed door leading to the bedroom, when he finally manages to open it, he looks in disbelief. Fortunately for him and me - he says nothing. He just hugs and strokes his head tenderly.

At the party, after a small sip of champagne, I feel weak. Every now and then, someone comes over and give me a drink with encouragement. I refuse. After dipping my lips in a sparkling wine, which has little to do with champagne, I surrender. I'm not having fun as I would like. I'm sleepy.

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