DualFix Romer seat

Have you read about the new iSize standard? In this article we will present you a review of the car seat created in accordance with the latest guidelines. The Dualfix car seat is a proposal from Britax Roemer designed for children from birth to eighteen kilograms, i.e. about four years.

Thanks to the special option of swiveling the seat, it is easy to adjust the seat in such a way that the child sits in front or back to the direction of travel. In addition, the rotation function allows you to set the seat on the side, so you can easily put the baby in the car and fasten before riding.

The DualFix car seat allows you to comfortably transport children up to 9 kilograms backwards. The seat is large enough to accommodate an even larger baby and transport them rear-facing, ensuring safety and comfort of travel. When the toddler reaches a weight of 9 kilograms, you can decide whether he is to be transported rearward or forward facing.

The seat has five-point seat belts and ISOFIX. In addition, it is possible to adjust the backrest in several stages, which is especially important during long journeys.

The seat is available in five colors to choose from.

Our impressions

At first glance, the car seat is solid, quite large (it is worth checking if it fits into your car: it is not intended for compact cars, lower class, rather those more spacious in which it can be turned). The cover is made of a pleasant material, easy to clean. The seat and the inserts supplied by the manufacturer allow you to adjust the interior of the seat to the age, weight and height of the baby.

In the car seat, apart from an infant and a 2-year-old, it can also easily fit a four-year-old child (we checked - height 106 cm and 18 kg).

Unfortunately, the car seat is not without flaws, although the minuses are insignificant. First of all, it should be noted that the button to rotate the seat does not work as perfectly as one would expect. In smaller cars there may be a problem with its service. In addition, the mechanism may be difficult to use at first. The price is also a big downside: you have to spend about PLN 1,500 on the seat.

You can also complain about the availability. While the car seat can be easily ordered online, it is difficult to find a place where it could be viewed before buying.

Overall rating