18 weeks of pregnancy

18 weeks of pregnancy

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The spine has an increasing sweet load to carry. No wonder that the center of gravity changes, and the vertebral line bends, which can lead to numerous ailments - especially discomfort and mobility problems. Child already measures on average 12-15 cm and weighs about 170 grams. It has a size similar to the average chicken breast.


All organs were createdhowever, the child is not developed enough to be able to function outside the womb. Mainly because you need time to develop them and improve their functioning. At the end, the lungs are formedwho need a few more weeks to be ready to function outside their mother's body.

Dynamic development concerns the nervous system, subsequent ganglia and cellular connections are formed in the brain. Due to the fact that a motion map appears, the toddler does not react so violently to every move. His the way you move is smoother and calmer. This week, children are starting to acquire such skills, like yawning and hiccups.

It is also worth mentioning the digestive system, in which the large intestine moves to the back of the abdomen, where digestive glands are formed, which after delivery will be responsible for the expulsion of meconium, the first pile - of black color.
The toddler's face is also developing, scratches are already appearing, the skin is more pink. It is no longer as transparent as it was a few weeks earlier.


Every week, especially in the case of the first pregnancy, is active waiting for the baby's first move. The moment when we finally feel it is usually a very touching moment. However, it will take a long time before the baby's movements felt by the mother are sensed by people around her.

Due to the increasing load on the spine, perform exercises allowed for pregnant women. A good choice will be: yoga, pilates, hiking and other outdoor sports, swimming and other water exercises.

You can also enroll in a birthing school, where a midwife, physiotherapist and doctor will explain how to care for a changing body during pregnancy, what to do to minimize pain and discomfort.

What is worth remembering?

By observing your body, you may notice that it changes vaginal discharge. Bloody intimate places are more sensitive, which allows for a whole new experience in the bedroom. On the other hand, however, they are more susceptible to any infection.

Use a proven intimate hygiene liquid during pregnancy. Do not change the preparation you used without reason. Wear cotton underwear and loose pants. Consult any doctor immediately for any discharge, redness or itching.

From mom's diary

I try to motivate and exercise every day in the morning. "I try" is a good term, because this effort does not come much. One day I shake my butt the other. It is demobilizing for me that apparently even a lot of regularity will not give me a short and easy delivery. Nature will decide for how long I should bother and when I will be born.

The last days and conversations with people with a tiny child have made us realize in a unique way that we must capture the moment and use every day. That is why my resolute man of life planned a trip to the cinema, theater and evening in a restaurant. All this in order to derive from these excellent activities a lot of joy and make up today what we will not be able to do with such freedom in a few weeks.

Comments from loved ones are getting more and more irritating to me: you have to give the child to the nursery, do not sit with the baby at home or you need to breastfeed, do not return to the nursery, the child has to raise a parent, forget about a nanny, hire a nanny. Suddenly there was a lot of "good advice" next to us. And what, maybe we can't think and we have to do this complicated activity for us?

From dad's diary

There was a motivation to leave the house. So I get tickets to the theater, we go out to the restaurant. I also wanted to go to the pool, but there was no enthusiasm. We do everything that can be more complicated in a few weeks ...

I won't say that I don't like it. On the contrary, it's great.

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