21 weeks of pregnancy

21 weeks of pregnancy

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Every visit to the doctor can be full of emotions, especially if accompanied by an ultrasound examination. Keep this memory by asking the gynecologist to print out the test. You can also ask for a recording of the study, which will certainly give you a lot of emotions and allow you to invite to the screening of your loved ones now and in a few years, when your toddler is already a preschooler.


The toddler already has a face almost what you see after delivery. Forms vertical furrow under his noseand above the lips. In addition, she is educated to the end earlobe. The neck muscles are strong enough that the toddler can easily keep his head straight. A very important event in the 21st week is development the immune system.

If you could look deeper into your stomach, you would notice that the child has "A lot more skin" than it seems to need. This is because the skin grows faster than the baby gets fat. There is no reason to worry. The child is growing intensively now (and with you too). By the end of the sixth month, it will double its mass.

It weighs approximately at this stage 350 grams and measures about 19 cm. It can be compared to a larger banana.

They are perfecting sense of taste. The toddler gets to know the sweet, salty, bitter and sour taste through the waters, of which he likes the first one the most.

The baby's heartbeat is so loudthat the doctor can examine them with a regular stethoscope.


You can feel pelvic side pain. A characteristic stinging effect that is more noticeable when coughing or changing positions. This is usually nothing disturbing, only a symptom of stretching muscles and ligaments caused by a growing belly and an enlarging uterus. However, to be sure, talk about your feelings with your doctor during your next visit.

pay attention to your and your child's safety. Do not climb the ladder or stool to hang curtains. It is best to leave this activity to another household member. Also, make sure you wear shoes with non-slip soles at home. It is important that you have a sense of stability and do not risk slipping and falling. Especially since every month your movements can be less shapely.

Do your best eat varied meals. This is very important, because as a result the taste of the waters is changing and the fetus has the opportunity to get to know different flavors. If you want your baby to like carrots, take care of it now. It's the same for your menu to contain everything that is valuable to you and your child.

What is worth remembering?

The baby, despite having grown up so much, is still a defenseless little creature. Remember this and avoid places where cigarettes are smoked. while a passive smoker, unfortunately you give your child a lot of pollution and toxic substances. Specialists believe that as much as if you smoked yourself. Therefore, if someone freely pulls out a cigarette and wants to smoke next to you, ask him not to do it.

From mom's diaries

Back pain is not enough. Even a growing belly is still not enough changes for a woman. There must be more. And he also gets to me. Heartburn appears. Indigestion next to her. I have to be very careful what I eat so that it doesn't reflect on me every now and then.

Of course, my appearance absorbs me as much as my friends. Everyone in their own way. I hear my stomach is huge or "that for 21 weeks, my stomach is tiny." It is not known from today that the point of view depends on the point of seating.

And how do I rate it? I just have no choice but to wear a belly that covers the whole world. It's good that I know his job so as not to break down with his limitations. I see this belly, my friends see it, but sometimes in the queue to the cashier I see (really only sometimes) the kindest cashier, because, for example, the lady in the beautiful fur can't see anymore, the young man does not. People on the bus also have a vision problem. After all, pregnancy is not a disease, and the three of them brought up one another, and he is tired again after work. So I stand much more often than I sit down and don't queue up - I'm waiting for my turn and my thoughts.

From dad's diary

I find joy in cooking, although to be honest I have never liked this cooking. So much man gets tired, it will be at the sink, stove, and then a moment of pleasure and end. Besides, we had eaten in a hurry so far, sometimes I couldn't say what I had after an hour after dinner. Not to mention that we often ate separately ...

Now it is perfect in this respect. She is the best taster I could ever dream of :)

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