22 weeks of pregnancy

22 weeks of pregnancy

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Do you feel energy bursting with you and you no longer remember the unpleasant symptoms from the first trimester? Enjoy pregnancy and your altered state. If you feel like it, and the doctor does not explicitly forbid it, you can get a handful of sex (read pregnant sex). The one during pregnancy can be completely different! By falling asleep, in the arms of your partner, you can also be sure that you are dreaming of something that you will later want to tell. Dreams during pregnancy let you enter a fairy-tale world where everything is colorful, very intense and extremely intriguing. When you give birth to a baby, colorful dreams will probably remain pleasant memories.


This week, baby development following breakthroughs follow. First of all, the child already he can hear for sure. He likes the most mother's calm tonewhen he talks to him or just has a good time laughing and joking. It happens that when a toddler hears foreign, previously unheard voices, he dies, listens to them with great attention. Many mothers play melodies that often calm down the baby right after delivery.

Additionally baby's liver is a real organthat begins to produce bilirubin.
The baby also grow up eyebrows and eyelashes, which give the eyes a distinctive look. On the ultrasound monitor you can see how the baby supports the head with his hand or sucks a finger or yawns.
The child is already measuring about 20 cm and weighs 400 grams. It's already quite big ...

The baby's senses develop: touch, hearing, taste and sight. Every day a child he catches the umbilical cord, practicing grip. In addition, he learns the sense of sight, exercising it through half-closed eyes.

At this stage, he can distinguish between bright light and darkness. You can easily check this by putting a flashlight on your stomach and waiting for your baby's reaction.

The sense of hearing develops, listening to the sounds of the environment: blood noise, heartbeat, your voice, the voice of the Partner.


The closer the bathroom, the better. Now the toilet can be a room that you visit often. All because of the oppressive uterus, which forces you to empty even a lightly filled bladder. Unfortunately, you can observe the problem of urinary incontinence, especially when coughing, sneezing and laughing. Special insoles that are thicker and more absorbent can help. To buy at the pharmacy.

You have to reckon with that you can sweat more and make your eye defect more troublesome (luckily the problems are temporary). Dry eye during pregnancy may prevent you from wearing contact lenses.

Constipation, rhinitis and epistaxis, varicose veins of the legs and hemorrhoids may still accompany you.

What is worth remembering?

Up to the 22nd week of pregnancy, the possible loss of a baby is called miscarriage. Doctors have been using the term since week 23 "Premature delivery". This boundary, of course, is of a formal, contractual nature, because in the 22nd week nothing special happens that could justify demarcation.

From mom's diary

Except back pain, clear dreams (with which I wake up after Husband's wake up), cramps also join the list. Exceptional pain sometimes wakes me up to twice every night. Still, I feel calm now. I do not know where from, but I know that it will be okay and that everything will go well. Maybe it's also hormone fault?

My husband and I are going to a party to friends from another city. As the only one, because of being pregnant, we get our room for the night so that I, a pregnant woman, can sleep on the bed. Other people nest on mattresses and on a small floor. There is a meeting, there is also music and alcohol. These first two concern me, the last not so much. The music, however, is loud enough that young in the stomach protests quite strongly. Kicks and kicks, until I change room and go to rest, at the same time stretch my legs on the sofa.

A few days after the party, I'm going shopping. Children's clothes are so delicious. Unfortunately, they are equally expensive. Who thought that for a body (nice and cute - that's a fact), pay as much as 30 or even 40 zlotys. If this continues, our budget will not be able to stand it. And you have to take into account that you will have to live on one salary for several months and even longer ...

From dad's diary

She's not buying anything. Only clothes, clothes, clothes. Small, smaller and tiny. You can barely see it? How is this assumed?

Not to mention me, I won't say, I feel a bit missed;) I could use new pants ... but I don't have the courage to pull her away from the children's department. I need it!

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