Make your wishes and win cosmetics! Contest results

Make your wishes and win cosmetics! Contest results

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We are celebrating our 3rd birthday and on this occasion we are announcing a competition in which we have to win Pharmaceris cosmetics sets for you.

The rules of the competition are very simple. All you have to do is send wishes to under this entry by entering them in the comment box. Please enter a valid email address. Only he will allow us to contact us in order to forward the prize.

We invite you to have fun!

We will distinguish up to 10 people.

Prize in the competition

The prizes are:

  • 5 sets consisting of two Pharmaceris A products for the winter - Lipo-Intensive Face Cream SPF 20 and Lipo-Sensilium Multilipid Nourishing Face Cream
  • 5 awards consisting of one product: Lipo-Intensive Face protection cream SPF20.

Prize in the competition

The competition runs from January 20 to January 31.

The competition results will be published by February 5, 2015.

Detailed regulations are available here.

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