I do not breastfeed, because I smoke ... And I say to others that I have no milk

Let me start by saying that I do not consider myself a saint just because I am a mother. However, there are things that irritate me and which, with a large dose of empathy and the profession of avoiding judging others, do not allow me to remain indifferent. This is the situation.

I am on the balcony and hang the laundry. A neighbor next door is standing on the balcony smoking a cigarette.

A voice comes from below: "Like a baby?" The one from the cigarette says, "Okay, okay ... It's three weeks old. He only eats and sleeps. " The head of an old lady leans out of the lower balcony: "And feeds how?" The one from the cigarette said: "I was breastfeeding, but there was no milk. You know ... I gave the bottle "and takes a cigarette.

And nothing. A simple exchange of opinions, but it presses on its own - there was no milk, because they were drawn to a cigarette or what? You can't immediately say: "you know, you wanted a cigarette, I am a responsible mother, I stopped breastfeeding." It would be fair. He has a choice. He has the right not to breastfeed.

But why lie that she had no milk? Since she was feeding, she probably had. Why does he spread stupid myths about lack of food?

It's nothing yet. The topic can be continued ...

How many times do you see a smoking mom with a tummy. He smokes such a cigarette and will even look in your face when you go with your children. He won't even blink. Zero shame. You make a disgusted face and she doesn't do anything. Admonish? Tell? Note? Does that make sense? I don't think so, since she has it in ...

Or such a mother digging over a pram or gondola. A small child, barely born, and she is already taking a puff, she is relaxing, and her child is in the fumes of her addiction. I understand the strong need to smoke, but to get it right next to the wheelchair .... I don't understand it. You can organize it all differently.

But such a mother probably thinks that she deserves that she has a child, she deserves a moment of peace, and a cigarette will not kill anyone immediately. That's right, certainly not right away.

They say that everything will be done for the child. Unfortunately this is not true. The idea loses with life. Addiction wins with love. A strong need with common sense. And the only question is, is there a way? Where are the children in all this? Unfortunately, it usually ends like the picture.