27th week of pregnancy

27th week of pregnancy

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Congratulations, you have already entered for good in the third trimester of pregnancy! This is the last straight before the finish, that is the moment when you finally see the baby, hug each other, holding in your arms. The experience of many mothers indicates that it is the last trimester that is the period that lasts the longest, exceptionally long and abundant in numerous unpleasant symptomssuch as heartburn, heaviness, back pain, urinary incontinence, or mobility problems.


Many babies in 27 weeks changes position, head down. However, if your child has not done it yet, do not worry, he still has a lot of time: it is assumed that the turn should take place up to 36 weeks.

Your child doesn't lose a single day. With each subsequent hour bone ossification progresses, joint ligaments also form, so return Make sure your diet is high in calcium.

When the toddler is awake, clearly can distinguish stimuli in the form of bright light. He distinguishes the rays that reach him from the darkness. However, he spends a large part of his life in dreams and dreams. It is estimated that it sleeps up to 15 hours a day.

The toddler weighs already one kilogram and measures about 34 cm. From this week many guides measure the size of the child differently. Not like before from head to buttocks, but from head to foot.

From curiosities: the child now has more taste buds than will have after delivery. You can often see certain reactions on his part to what you just ate. A common reaction is hiccups or heavy knocking.


The uterus has pumpkin size. Everyone can easily see the belly, which you certainly proudly present. However, this look also has some disadvantages. May cause discomfort when walking, bending or even sitting.
To avoid digestive problems, remember to drink a lot, eat high-fiber foods, and relax. If you have strength to move, do not avoid walking. Thanks to this, even if you develop hemorrhoids, they will not cause such discomfort.
You can also secure a lighter birth by massaging your perineum and doing regular Kegel muscle exercises.

You can feel itchy stomach. How to deal with it? It is usually relief to moisturize the belly with a moisturizing cream. Note, however, if you feel itching all over your body: be sure to report it to your doctor! This may signal a rare disease associated with liver function (pregnancy cholestasis).

Are you still nervous, is the fetus developing well? Are you stressed by the vision of the future? Be sure to read how to deal with stress during pregnancy!

What is worth remembering?

Do you work professionally? If you want to stay active, nothing prevents you from fulfilling your duties until they are resolved. However, there are certain conditions that you need to consider. The basis is work in a sitting position, with the possibility of doing small relaxing exercises. If you like your job, you don't have to go to dismissal. It is different if your work is associated with stress and because of your nature forces you to maintain one position.

It is worth remembering that being pregnant, you can go on an earlier maternity leave. This is possible two weeks before the planned termination date. This option is available for both full-time mothers and for self-employed women (in this case as maternity allowance. Entrepreneurial mothers are not entitled to maternity leave).

From mom's diary

I am happy because we survived to the third trimester without major damage. Although a few stretch marks on the thighs, the stomach remained clean. He looks like a big ball, and everything I do is adapted to his needs. Some now greet the stomach first, only look at me in second place. Some people only talk to me about pregnancy at such times I feel like an incubator.

In addition to the fibromas under the breasts and around the armpits, my moles grew significantly and became convex. So much that I got scared that after meeting on the plot, I have a tick. For the sake of peace, we went to the hospital. Fortunately, my fears were not confirmed, and the nurse kindly explained that the tick is easy to recognize, because it looks like a spider under the skin - you can distinguish the abdomen and legs.

I also have more and more strange feelings when taking pee to the doctor. I still carry a plastic container in my purse. I have the impression that nothing is being examined, and this is blood, and this is urine, and then pressure and over and over again you have to undergo various tests.

From dad's diary

I take pictures of them. Finally, now when I measure the camera I have two people in front of me. However, once I am given a charming smile, and in a moment be reprimanded with the comment: "what am I doing, that she is unpainted, unkempt, so not so". That is why it is difficult for her to please. On the one hand, both she and I want to have a nice souvenir, but on the other it's hard to choose the time to capture these unforgettable pregnancy moments :)

Maybe by the end of pregnancy I will be able to solve this puzzle and I will know from a distance of several steps whether to reach for the camera or not;)

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