24 weeks of pregnancy

24 weeks of pregnancy

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Your toddler will be enriched by Mother Nature this week cells responsible for conscious thinking. The period that just begins and ends around 28 weeks is a time of exceptional physical activity of the child. Now you will feel every kick very clearly!


The average weight of a child in 24 weeks of pregnancy is 650 gramswhile the waist circumference is 19 centimeters and the foot length is 4.4 cm. The child is currently growing at a rate of about 170 grams a week, a significant part of the new grams is fat, in addition to growing internal organs, bones and muscles.

The tiny head is properly fully shaped, with delicate hair visible on it. Tiny eyelashes and eyebrows can also delight.

The child is constantly actively growing, improving life functions. The nails are fully developed, the building of nerve connections in the brain is increasing every day. Water and sugar are absorbed in the digestive tract. Thanks to this, the toddler's movements become more and more energetic. The child can reach out, kick the legs and rub the skin against the walls of the uterus.

Now you can clearly feel when the baby has hiccups (Read how hiccups in the fetus affect the functioning of the newborn). This happens when your toddler swallows too much amniotic fluid. Hiccups are not bothersome for children. The mother feels her as regular abdominal movements.


The more advanced the pregnancy, the more likely you think about giving birth more often. No wonder, since your body reminds you of a different state at every turn, it is difficult to forget about it.

Your stomach skin is getting more and more tense, your proportions change, and the grace with which you have moved so far disappears, completely different from the navel, which emerges "to the surface" by distinguishing under clothing. You can also observe varying skin pigmentation on the abdomen and face.

Sometimes they also occur periodic headaches, fainting and dizziness.

Don't be tempted to compare crunches with other women. Each of us is different and each pregnancy is different. Therefore, the goal is not to organize competitions "for the largest pregnancy belly," because the size of the belly is really small and has little impact on the size of the child.

In the subject of the abdomen, remember to resting on the left sidewhich is the safest position for you and your child.

What is worth remembering?

Pregnancy can make you you'll be distracted. Often a noticeable symptom are problems remembering, as well as distraction and problems expressing your thoughts clearly.

At such an advanced stage of pregnancy, you should also pay special attention to every signal coming from your body. Don't underestimate stomach ache whether vaginal bleeding, even small. It's best to tell your doctor about any worrying symptoms during your visit.

It is true that if childbirth now takes place, the chances of survival of the child are already much greater than a few weeks, the still underdeveloped lungs mean that every fourth child survives this week.

From mom's diary

In pregnancy, it's even different in the toilet. I have been suffering from terrible constipation for several days. Maybe my chocolate food comes out? I try to include a lot of vegetables, dark bread, drink a lot, but I don't know when I will see the effects. For now, I am suffering and I feel like an elephant.

Fortunately, I have a lot of strength and fainting caused drop in blood pressure, which apparently can happen at this stage, probably do not threaten me. Even so, I feel more "tired" day by day. In normal activities I am not able to catch up with myself before pregnancy. It's actually not suitable for parties anymore, because when everyone is having fun, I just leave the meeting. Of course, I can't drink alcohol, I also find it difficult to please and disgust with food, so despite quite a lot of friendliness, I feel a freak. I am fortunate enough not to slow down the pace of "trucks", I try to prove to myself and others that I can live quite normally. But am I not fooling myself?

Pregnancy emphasizes mine weak memory. I have to write everything down, and I still lose yellow cards, often something falls out of my head and I feel like someone who has half a brain cut out. Generally, I say that I demand too much of myself, but despite this, I practice my memory on crosswords, which ends with anger and throwing a pencil against the ground ... Hubby I guess the passwords, I write the results and somehow it turns around.

From dad's diary

I am not used to it. Now I have to remember everything: birthdays, anniversaries, shopping, or shine with eloquence and knowledge in crosswords and quiz shows. Sometimes I feel sorry for her, but I pretend that everything is ok and underestimates her anxiety, will she stay that way forever ... Will she not stay right?

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