30 weeks of pregnancy

30 weeks of pregnancy

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Childbirth rarely starts as planned. Therefore, if you have not yet established this, talk to your partner about how you imagine the birth of a toddler. It is worth choosing a hospital together (you can go to a selected institution to see what the delivery room looks like) and think about whether you will be giving birth together or whether you will be accompanied by a friend or mother during labor.


You won't see the reticulum of the blood vessels through your toddler's skin. It looks almost like it was at birth.

Very pregnant at this stage the child's brain matures quickly. Every second, new neuron connections are created, and folds formed and scrolls, allowing them to contain even more. The brain takes the right shape for it. Takes over the duties previously fulfilled by other parts of the body: for example, temperature regulation. All this so that the toddler is ready to live outside his mother's womb and to be prepared to learn new skills throughout his life.

Due to the fact that the brain can "warm" the child, the toddler begins to get rid of lanugo, or hairs from the body area that were supposed to protect him from the cold.

Also follows lung development, muscle and skeleton maturation. He is educated sense of smell and the immune system. All systems and organs are preparing for childbirth and for the birth of the baby.

Dzidziuś weighs in the thirtieth week around 1350 grams and measures approx. 28 cm. He will have two to three kilos to give birth.


You may feel discomfort. Due heartburn, slower digestion, swollen hands and ankles. If you still wear rings, it's time to take them off. Give your hands a rest and stop wearing any hand ornaments until the swelling no longer appears. In addition, you can help yourself by drinking plenty of fluids and resting, holding your legs up above your head. Sleeping is a good way to put your feet on the pillow.

You can also feel pains in the lower abdomen and sides of the body.

In addition, you must reckon with another symptom of advanced pregnancy - excessive sweating. Therefore, whenever you feel stale, do not deny yourself a shower (just remember not to bathe in hot water, which could speed up delivery). Wear breathable clothes and use an antiperspirant, and you'll be able to minimize unwanted symptoms.

Don't be afraid of that you visit the bathroom too often. This is the most typical symptom for the third trimester of pregnancy, associated with a compressed bladder that is not able to hold as much as usual.

Remember to apply the cream systematically on your stomach, thighs and buttocks, which will increase the skin's elasticity, tone and firmness. Argan oil is a way that many women appreciate for stretch marks in pregnancy. Learn more.

What is worth remembering?

Remember to eat a healthy diet (more: about the diet during pregnancy). From time to time, of course, you can afford sweets, but don't let them get in your habit. In the third trimester, you can gain weight very quickly, but for you and your child, the safest and most beneficial is slow weight gain. To keep the situation under control, weigh yourself.

Also pay attention to blood pressure. I have many during visits to the doctor's office because of white smock syndrome has elevated pressure, which doesn't mean he always has it. Many doctors at such times prefer to be safe and send a woman after a few alarming symptoms for the pathology of pregnancy. Therefore, if you feel yours high pressure measured by a doctor is the result of emotions, buy a blood pressure monitor and take measurements yourself at home. Save them all and show them to the doctor (read more about it).

From mom's diary

I am a princess. The larger the belly, the more I feel it. Still, I don't give up my job, I let myself pamper myself at home. This is where I use two-course dinners and great desserts at weekends, I agree not to wash the floors and hang up the laundry. When I start vacuuming, it turns out that I can't do it, and Hubby takes care of me. I only have shelves and dusting left: I can't reach those high or low, just at the height of my eyes. So in practice I can do nothing and wait ten weeks for childbirth.

At birth school, classes about the possibilities of every woman. They are run by a unique Fanatic, a lady who compares childbirth to ecstasy, fulfillment and reveals to men new possibilities that childbirth can bring. She says that childbirth is the most beautiful thing that happened to her in her life (I think she has sclerosis. She may have it since she is 60). With these stories, he uses pathetic words, rolls his eyes up and blinks his eyelids as if she were about to give birth.

After the first class I know that the pain is beautiful, it is natural, and anesthesia is the last resort. A woman should give birth on her own and believe in herself. Honestly, I doubt if he wants to experience this pleasure as much as the Fanatic tells about it. Vision 12-16 hours in screams (oh statistics) just kills me.

From dad's diary

What are they talking about ...? This woman from the birthing school probably missed her calling. I will not say: he says it with great conviction, but what he says is another story. You can't listen to that with a grave face.

It's good that classes are shorter because she doesn't want to lie on the mattresses and exercise with other people. Always half an hour out of my head ... I still don't know why we still walk so!

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