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Pregnant women seeking high maternity are not cheats! And that's how they are treated

Pregnant women seeking high maternity are not cheats! And that's how they are treated

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We have discussed the topic of so-called high maternity allowance several times. You can read about it here and here. We would also like to inform you that regulations are to be introduced that make it impossible to obtain higher benefits in the form of maternity allowance - link and second link.

While writing all these articles, we did not expect MPs to quietly, though systematically, change which would hit entrepreneurial women by planning amendments that violate all fair play rules, and above all equality of all citizens.

What is going on?

On May 15, the Sejm adopted an act amending the act on cash benefits from social insurance in the event of sickness and maternity, as well as certain other acts. Now the project is in the Senate, and then it will go to the President's desk. The act is to come into force from January 1, 2016, but changes important for future moms will apply from October 1 or November 1 this year. The act in theory is to "curb abuses associated with obtaining high premiums" by people who were pregnant in setting up fictitious companies just to get a high income. However, instead of regulating certain issues, the legislator seems to spill the child with a bath and once again increases distrust of the state.

By changing the method of calculating the contribution base, it is starting to treat self-employed and full-time women equally. Nobody, in the act, bent over the problem of employing pregnant women for benefits, and such practices are equally well known and much more severe in terms of monetary losses for ZUS.

There are many inequalities in the treatment of enterprising mothers and full-time employees. A woman employed under a contract of employment will receive maternity benefit straight away. Expectant mothers who have their own business must pay contributions for a minimum of 90 days, and they will not receive benefits in the amount of their earnings, but calculated from the annual average, which is significantly lower than her colleague working full-time. The legislator is not even disturbed by the fact that the enterprising mother will give more money to ZUS than a fictitiously employed pregnant woman. The former will lose it anyway, and often on maternity or sick leave must incur fixed costs that a full-time mother does not have - maintaining the company's headquarters, server, website, etc.

The legislator has forgotten something else - the rules do not change during the game. Meanwhile, the regulation stipulates that when changing the type of benefits received (e.g. sickness benefit - maternity benefit) already this year, the amount of benefits will be calculated on unfavorable, new principles ...

This is how entrepreneurship is supported in Poland and cares for natural increase. Unfortunately, these are facts. Very sad and depressing.

For this reason, we support the opinion published on the blog Temida is a woman - young mothers who want to get higher maternity benefits are not cheats. They take care of their own interests, protect themselves for the future, gain funds to maintain their workplace, and do so in order to be able to return to professional activity just like their colleagues working full-time. Except that it is the entrepreneurs that the government is doing uphill. And he treats them the worst. Why?

The Great KIT for this bill and the way future mothers are treated!


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