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100% organic fruit - Clearspring Organic 100% Fruit on the go

When choosing a trip, or the larger one - for a vacation or just for a short trip, it is worth having something with you tasty and healthy. It's best if you find a snack on hand not only saturates the little hunger, but also a small thirst. Ideally, if it will also made of the best products, easy to store and transport. Too many requirements? You can't have everything?

Not necessarily. These are the products of the category 100% Fruit on the Go, which is distributed in Poland by the Ecological Products Wholesaler Ekowital.

Small snacks in a convenient pouch, closed in such a way that they can be opened and closed without fear of spilling something. Small content - 100 grams, ideal for one outdoor expedition. You can eat the content yourself by squeezing the fruit from the pouch directly into the mouth, you can also pour the prepared porridge or dessert. It's very tasty in every version!

A very big plus for the composition.

Fruits alone, no sugar, sweeteners, any unnecessary additives. In the flavored version of apple and mango we have 80% apples and 20% mangoes. All products come from from organic farming.

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Most important for children that They're delicious. Our daughters asked after eating - "Mommy, will you buy it more often?".


This is the best recommendation and proof that you don't really need to add anything to the fruit. They are tasty in themselves. Ideal. We like that the producer does not improve nature and creates a very practical and tasty product. And for this HIT!