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"Confessions of a weird mom" by Jill Smokler

"Confessions of a weird mom" by Jill Smokler

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You have to face the truth. Motherhood is not pink, but it has a color similar to any secretions from children, and these differ in color at different stages of development. That is how the message of this book could be described in a nutshell. On the one hand, a brave, direct and often aiming at important aspects of social behavior style without a moralizing tone, on the other, beating with the conviction that "I'm not a perfect mother." Following Jill Smoker - "You are not her either ...". And that's what this book is about.

Popular blogger writes a book

Jill Smokler's book was based on her popular blog: The usual online diary, kept during the author's extended maternity leave (Jill is the mother of three children), quickly transformed into a vibrant community of parents united by one slogan: a parent is also a man, he doesn't have to be perfect!

Jill Smokler's blog records over 1.5 million visits a month and has been awarded numerous prizes. Follow the blog version on daily 240,000 surfers, including Tori Spelling, Nicole Ricci, and even ... Barack Obama. The author's Facebook profile currently gathers over 48,000 active fans.

Instead of the plot

It is worth quoting a few fragments from the author and her readers of the blog. I wonder if you would have the courage to write the same:

  • "Every morning I kiss goodbye to my moody and grumpy teenager going out to school goodbye. I close the door behind her and show her the middle finger. At both hands. "
  • "Pregnant, I have breasts like a first-rate porn star. I could become a surrogate, just to keep such a bust. "
  • "Giving birth to a child will remain the most disgusting experience in my life."
  • "I have stretch marks even on the vagina."
  • "Having a cup of coffee, I realized that there was no milk at home. I added my own. Not bad at all. "
  • "Last week, the hairdresser asked me when I was giving birth. I am not pregnant, but I said it was the fourth month. I won't go there anymore. "

What do I think about it?

After reading this fast-reading novel, once again I have a problem with the phenomenon of American "celebrities", people who are gaining popularity at a rapid pace for how they provoke and stand out against the background.

In fact, it is difficult for me to understand why this blogger, a mother like many, is gaining recognition. Personally, her style of expression does not lead me to a deeper reflection, does not talk about something that I would like to stop for longer. For sure, however, it breaks taboos, visions and claims firmly grounded and repeated for years. Shows the real world. Without perfect mothers who have perfect children and raise them in a book-like manner. This is the strength of Jill Smoker.

Why is it worth reading?

"Confessions of a weird mummy" is a book emphatically and sometimes in a fairly polarized way showing that no one is perfect (also, or maybe especially a mother), that upbringing is a real challenge in which as parents we lose many times.

Jill Smoker boldly talks about the fact that sometimes a mother-woman does not want to, that sometimes she gives a toy, sweets to the peace of mind, turns on fairy tales, locks herself in the bathroom, pretending to use the toilet to have a moment for herself.

Jill Smokler refutes the myths about resting together on vacation, showing how much stress and time a simple trip for a weekend requires and that when you come back from it, you often need ... rest. In addition, he also admits that sometimes he hates his children, that she would happily give them up for a few days to rest, but that after such a thought longing quickly appears. He talks about nutrition problems, the benefits of being pregnant and all the dark sides of walking with a "big belly".

He also explains our motherly drive to compete, create perfect photos and present our children as above average and outstanding from birth. In "Confessions of a Ghost Mum," you can look like in the mirror, ask what mom I am. In addition, of course, you can have fun and laugh at simple and old-world parental dilemmas.

What to expect?

  • entertainment
  • quick to read a book
  • a smile on your face while reading,
  • for sensitive people: sometimes scandals and even feelings of disgust,

The book was premiered on August 2, 2012. Unfortunately, the publisher did not manage to catch many typos and quite obvious mistakes, such as those confusing the twentieth week of pregnancy with the twentieth month (page 95). It would seem that such errors could have been avoided ... Unfortunately, in editorial terms this is another book by Prószyński, which has considerable shortcomings in this respect ... A bit of a shame.

Thank you to the publisher Prószyński i S-ka for sending a copy of the review book.