33 weeks pregnant

33 weeks pregnant

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The partner turns the cot, do you complete the delivery bag? This big day is coming. Don't worry about the supply, everything will be fine. Remember that if you need help after delivery, your partner will get a two-week sick leave. In practice, however, most often it turns out that it is definitely not enough. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, stay together longer or ask someone close for help.


The tiny eyes of a child are almost fully educated. Small pupils dilate and enlarge as in an adult. Vision development will also continue after birth until the age of one.
The toddler has already fully developed sense of smell and hearing. He especially likes to listen to your voice when you are happy and relaxed. It reacts nervously to noise. He feels all your emotions just as much.

The child gets from you antibodies. At this stage, work is underway to create an immune system. If you decide to breastfeed after delivery, the rest will be provided with your milk. This will allow you to get high disease resistance. However, the full development of the immune system will continue for many months, or even many years later, when your toddler is training his immune memory (read more).

The baby is 33 weeks pregnant weighs about 2 kg and measures about 33 cm tall.

The baby's weight gain is almost the same for a mother: 0.25 kg per week.


If you are active, maybe now your doctor will decide that it's time to rest. On the other hand, if you are alone at home and your partner is working, you may be tired of your altered state. In addition, it can accompany you stress related to childbirth and fear of pain. No wonder you walk irritable and easily upset you ...

At this stage, if you were born, it would be premature delivery. It is true that the toddler would be born healthy, but for your sake it would be better if he was still sitting in his tummy. Therefore if you will notice menstrual-like cramps, low back pain, spotting, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Due to the fact that the child takes up a lot of space in the uterus, the volume of fetal water reached its maximum. It is no longer possible to increase it. This also has other consequences: the kick and movement of the child is now very strongly felt. There is no fluid that could absorb impacts.

What is worth remembering?

How much weight you gain during pregnancy depends on your pre-pregnancy weight, habits, and menu. You have to remember that even if you gain a lot of weight, it does not necessarily mean that you will give birth big child (more on this topic).

At the end of the ninth month, the baby's weight is estimated at about 3 kg, amniotic fluid per 1 kg, placenta 0.6 kg, uterus 1 kg, enlarged breasts up to 1 kg, more blood up to 3.5 kg, and body fat up to 3 kg. Sometimes, additional water retained should be added to this amount.

From mom's diary

I promise and promise (I know my body the best in the world after all) that nothing else will fit in me. Even a sweet muffin or chocolate.

I feel well below zero. Blues. I want to give birth nowand at the same time I'm afraid of delivery. He wants to change something, because the pregnancy is too long for me, but I know I have to wait.

I love this baby that wakes me up and knocks my stomach when it pleases or on the contrary. That's why I do it only for her. If it was up to me, I'd have to take this burden a long time ago.

Hubby speaks a lot to the stomach. He plays with Mała, knocking on her, and she responds to him. We also play tiny music, especially prepared for pregnant women. Sometimes I get the impression that Malutka listens with us and appreciates the greatest masters of the world. Day by day he is more and more willing to show his character.

I prepare list of items needed for the hospital. Read here. I draw from it what the stupid guides and guides advise: lipstick, curler and mascara (more here). I do not think that the day after delivery I will have the strength to apply makeup. Let other women take all these accessories. It certainly won't be useful to me!

From dad's diary

The thought of giving birth does not leave us one step. We discuss a lot about it. Mainly she speaks and I listen, but I see that this topic brings us closer. I hope it will be a good day for us and we will remember it in bright colors.

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