37th week of pregnancy

A lot rest and gather strength until childbirth! Do not overdo. Your body is already heavily strained. The heart pumps 45% more blood than before delivery. In addition, soon every part of your body will do a huge job, the purpose of which is to give birth to a child, so you need energy!

If the child were born today, pregnancy would be considered full-term. This does not mean, however, that being born at this time would be best for the baby. Its development and growth may not be finished yet: it is a very individual matter. Your toddler may not be ready to live outside your belly yet.


The basic development of the child is over. It remains to specialize the operation of individual systems and wait for a signal from the child that he is ready to welcome you on the other side of the tummy. And with this readiness in children it is different. Therefore, be patient.

You can be proud because the toddler already has fully developed cells lining the alveoli, the lungs have the right amount of surfactant. Every day, the child prepares to breathe by breathing in and out of the waters. In addition, the baby sucks his thumb and spends his days learning to blink and turn from side to side. That's why one day you can feel your baby's bottom on one side of the belly, and the other day on the other ...

Every day, the baby accumulates an additional 25 grams of fat. Thanks to it, the baby can receive the correct body temperature after delivery and optimal blood glucose levels.

A baby weighs 37 weeks average 3 kilograms and measures about 47 cm. Each week, the baby gains about 220 grams (however, there are some differences between fetuses, just like between newborns).


The baby's moving head presses on the pelvis, which you can simply feel. This is often accompanied by the impression of such strong pressure that you get the impression that the baby will fall out soon. However, take it easy, until labor begins, there is no such possibility.

The procedure stretching the ligaments. You can follow at your place sciatica symptoms, i.e. muscle weakness, numbness and tingling sensation in the legs. Generally, this change is physiological, but if it bothers you a lot, talk to your doctor about it.

Do you often relax while taking a bath? Remember not to bathe in too hot water ... Even if you love it, it is not advisable because of the child. Why? Read!

What is worth remembering?

If you went to birthing school, practice there relaxation techniques and art adequate breathing. You can also use the online birth school and remember what breathing during labor is all about.
If you already have a child, think about who will look after him when you are in hospital. Develop a plan with loved ones.

Buy now a small gift who will "hand" a newborn baby to your daughter or son. With the birth of a second child, your life will change again, which can be quite stressful for an only child who has not yet had to share his parents' attention.

Have you thought about giving birth at home? Be sure to read if it is a safe and recommendable option. A mother who gave birth outside the hospital twice, talks about giving birth in water. Even if you exclude this option, read, because it is worth knowing that such an option is available.

From mom's diary

My bust is huge. It might be nice, but it also became extremely unpredictable. At every opportunity it pours from himwhich makes me really embarrassed. It's a colostrum that forces me to wear breast pads now to avoid the shame caused by soiling my shirts. The breasts are very tender to the touch. That's why I can only wear really good quality bras made of soft material.

The doctor reminds me to relax a lot and not forget about sleep, even during the day. In this way, I am to prepare for delivery and the puerperium, which is to go faster and without major complications, when a woman prepares for it in the right way.

Writes the hospital number, address, and husband's work number in a visible place (if the cell did not answer). I try to embrace the house (I'm stupid). I know I shouldn't do that, but somehow I can't sit still.

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