Small child

Let your child get dirty!

Parents of young children may feel frustrated because of constant clutter and the constant need to organize space. Order and toddlers are rarely compatible. Hustle or artistic disorder is natural for a few-year-olds exploring the surroundings. You need to get everywhere, touch interesting objects with your small hand, reach for the objects arranged above your eyesight.

There is a strong need to test what is in the kitchen cabinet and what the pasta on the floor will look like, or from sand poured from shoes you can conjure something interesting. Children get dirty in any weather and the proverb is repeated so often - a dirty child is a happy child. You can't go through your childhood in clean clothes. And that's good, because in moments when the toddler gets dirty - he learns the most. Really!

Improving fine motor skills

It is natural for the youngest children to study the space with their hands. The role of the mouth is replaced by fingertips, which need continuous stimulation. In a house where the floors are smooth, the furniture is even, it is difficult to find a place where you can squeeze the fingers, maneuver them, that's why the kids are so enthusiastic about pouring sugar, playing with noodles, they can't be pulled away from a simple bowl of water. They like getting dirty while painting, molding with plasticine, plastic mass ... Not all parents like these games because of the mess that accompanies them. Problems are especially those who in the "before children" era ran almost sterile homes reminiscent of those from exclusive brochures.

It is worth working on yourself and your own approach. For the sake of children ... Anything that allows you to play with form, texture is a great opportunity to learn. For the same reason, most children go through the fascination of playing with sand molds. They just need it for proper development.

And for cleaning, it is worth involving children and treat it as a continuation of fun.

Improving high motor skills

There is a lot of talk about the key to walking barefoot. It's true, when running freely on the grass, your leg muscles have excellent conditions for shaping. That's not all - just as much fun for jumping for puddles, muddying, rubbing feet with wet sand by the sea ... Jumping on one leg, falling on the bottom - all this is just needed.

Reject the desire of the perfect housewife

Theoretically, everything written above seems clear. So natural. Everyone instinctively knows that children need a lot of freedom, time for experiments, moments when they are washed with chalk, they get their fingers dirty with clay, or the pants will rub on the green grass, and yet they are so often heard in the playground (in a place where children should have fun), "don't run", "don't go to the sand", "because you'll get dirty." Toddlers play under adult dictation and are ... unhappy.

Instead of numerous bans, it is worth introducing a different tactic - put on clothes that will not be a shame for us and take the child to the square, to the forest, park and let him have fun. Let boundaries be set by security principles, not by our fears of tough stains.