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"Bad boy versus uncle Muniek"

"Bad boy versus uncle Muniek"

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Nick Bruel is known for funny books and original illustrations.

"Bad boy versus uncle Muniek" is a proposal for older children, considered to be New York Times bestseller. Is it really a book that is worth reading to a child or handing it to a few years old to get to know it?

This is a booklet quite specific, for people with a specific sense of humor - a bit absurd, distant, surprising, unusual - that is, exactly what they are bestowed on children of early school age and some adults. It can be particularly warmly received by cat lovers, people who like pets, often moody and like cats walking their paths. Its great advantage is the so-called second bottom, intended for older readers. There are also some interesting facts that may be of interest to adults.

The main advantage of the book are black and white illustrations and a semi-comic form - which is very different from contemporary color-saturated publications in the classic edition. "Bad Cat" is a book that stands out in the market in terms of content, form and treatment.

What will we learn in the section "Bad male versus uncle Muniek"?

It is worth noting that Mamania publishing house offers other parts of the story about a crazy cat.

The cat stays at home without the owners and ... in a rather specific way shows his longing or, as the author says, separation anxiety. He is looked after by his uncle Muniek, who suffers from many humiliations on the part of his downy pet, is received, gently puts it off, unpleasant.

Are you interested in particulars? What exactly is going on? Why does Uncle Muniek after a week with a cat and a "good dog" dream about ... fish?

The book has less than 160 pages, but don't let it fool you. "Bad boy" is read very quickly, because the text is not so much ... The reader is left at such a moment ... that you want to reach for the next part.

Thank you to Mamania Publishing House for sharing a review copy of the book.


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