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Itchy skin during pregnancy: is this something dangerous?

Itchy skin during pregnancy: is this something dangerous?

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Is itchy pregnant skin a problem? Should you worry about this? It turns out that it is always worth to be careful, but also ... calm. Itchy skin affects every fourth woman expecting a baby, so this is a very common symptom, but is it worrying?

Itchy skin during pregnancy: causes

Itchy skin during pregnancy can have different causes: primarily arise from skin stretching and hormonal changes - natural for this special period, which is 9 months before the birth of the child. However, it may also have less obvious reasons, for example be the result of eczema.Eczema on the skin may appear for the first time during pregnancy. If you have previously had problems with eczema, your skin condition may improve during pregnancy or, unfortunately, get worse. It can't be predicted.

Other less obvious causes of itchy skin in pregnancy are mycosis and scabies. Both diseases make the skin itch strongly and it is very difficult to control the reflex of scratching.

If you notice this problem in yourself - tell your doctor about it, do not ignore itchy skin. In rare cases, itchy skin may be pregnant a signal of liver problems and inform you about pregnancy cholestasis.

Itchy pregnant skin and a rash on the stomach

Many pregnant women notice a slight itchy rash on their stomachs. Usually this is not a disturbing change and disappears by itself after resolution. Most often appears in multiple pregnancy.

How to deal with itchy skin during pregnancy?

If you have a lot of itchy skin during pregnancy, try these methods:

  • try to avoid very warm baths, which may end with a feeling of skin tension, which intensifies itching,
  • watch out for detergents in bath emulsions and other irritating ingredients that may particularly irritate the skin during pregnancy,
  • choose unperfumed and delicate products,
  • you can try oatmeal baths,
  • wear loose cotton clothing and protect your skin against sweating, which increases the discomfort associated with itching.

Does itchy pregnant skin endanger the baby?

Fortunately, itchy skin in pregnancy is rarely dangerous, it can only increase the risk of stretch marks. However, when this symptom appears, you should inform your doctor as it may be a signal of health problems.

Urgent intervention requires a situation where itching affects a larger area of ​​the skin and is severe, does not go away even at night. Then contact your doctor immediately, do not wait for the scheduled appointment.