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4 worst dietary supplements for children

Dietary supplements for children are flooding the market, whose value is currently estimated at PLN 4 billion.

We have a lot of preparations in pharmacies in pharmacies syrups, tablets, jellies, most of them are dedicated to the youngest.

Parents-clients-patients are to convince optimistic slogans, beautiful promises and visions of a quick solution to an "imaginary" or real problem, while children are supposed to hypnotize colorful packaging and add sweet taste.

Unfortunately, many products that can now be bought for a dozen or several dozen zlotys are not worth a broken zloty. Here is the subjective ranking of the worst dietary supplements for children.

Apetizer, that is, let him eat dinner

The simplest and safest way to support a child in healthy eating? A method as old as the world - daily dose of exercise, especially in the fresh air, regular meals, without snacking, maximum reduction of sugar in the diet.

And when it does not help?

If a child grows up, has the right weight and the parent has nothing but a "too low appetite", it means one thing - you should let it go.

A healthy child eats as much as he needs.

However, if the toddler's condition is not the best - the child is not growing, he is very thin (which can also be assessed on the centile grid), is listless, lethargic, irritable, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because the cause can be serious and it should be found as soon as possible. The reason may be food intolerance or other rarer diseases for which Apetizer will not help.

A dot above and which proves that it is really not worth buying this type of syrup?

The composition of this specificity. That's him:

water, sugar, potassium sorbate (preservative), L-ascorbic acid, anise fruit extract, chicory root extract, dry peppermint water extract, xanthan gum (thickener), fennel fruit powder, grapefruit fruit extract , nicotinic acid amide, calcium D-pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, D-biotin, cyanocobalamin.

Of course, Apetizer contains important vitamins and herbs, but above all it has ingredients sugar in various forms.

Is this how Apetizer is supposed to improve appetite? Loading sugar into our children, which is too much in the diet anyway?

Even if it works and Apetizer increases your appetite, it is worth remembering that there are better, more effective ways that you can use without side effects and without spending a single zloty.

Growth to help a child grow

When I was a child and then a teenager, my peers just grew up.

Some were quicker, others slower, there were also those who were clearly shorter than their classmates for a long time, and then it is not known when they broke up, surprising everyone with their pace of growth. It was also the opposite - very often the short remained one of the lower and could not count on spectacular changes - just such genes.

Today, producers send a clear message to the parent: you can fool nature. They are based on fears and fuel the hope that genes can be changed, that what is stored in our bodies can be influenced- namely, you can force your child's body to grow faster. After all, there is a "brilliant" specifics on the market that raises all problems ... Short boys are growing rapidly.

When watching an advertisement, it is not known whether to laugh or cry.

See how it works ... How sad, because the methods of communication are primitive. At the beginning we see gray, depressing colors, an accurate blow to the "depressed mood of a short boy" and a quick solution that changes the colors of the message. The mother-heroine giving the child a syrup changes his future ...

How can you believe that?

Well, it turns out that you can. Because Growan is on the market, he is doing well, someone is buying it ...

Well, let's look at the composition:

  • calcium 200mg
  • phosphorus 105mg
  • vitamin D3 3.75 micrograms
  • Bamboo shoot extract, standardized for silicon content 10mg

Vitamin D3 - great, it should be supplemented because the body is not able to produce enough, especially during the autumn and winter (read more). However, calcium administration (which is the most in this product) without vitamin K2 supplementation may not be a good idea, as Jerzy Zięba mentions and extensively explains in his book (more on this topic).

However, let's leave it - are the above-mentioned ingredients able to significantly accelerate the growth of a child?

I have serious doubts. Anyway, it's not just me ...

The message with which the Growan appeared on the market has been ridiculed many times. Unfortunately, the product has not disappeared from the shelves in pharmacies.

Junical Teeth, vitamins, permanent teeth

Dandelions fell out?

Therefore, we reach for Junical Teeth, a preparation that "has a positive effect on the mineralization and maintenance of healthy teeth". The preparation is dedicated to children over 6 years of age - we take one tablet in the morning and evening. What do we have in the composition? Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D and fluoride.

Why take care of the right baby menu? If there are such "super-tablets".

Manufacturers know that it's easier to give ... than to think. Being comfortable becomes the norm ...

Lutein Gold junior, so that long TV viewing is not a problem

Studies have shown that as many as 40% of parents turn on the television every day and leave the child in front of the screen for hours. Remorse that this way the toddler will spoil his eyesight? Oh, why bother with them.

No way, there is Lutein Gold - "powder to dissolve in water, allowing you to create a tasty drink." This baby supplement has all the most important vitamins and lutein that meets the needs of children from the age of 7.

Was the problem and remorse that the child was watching too much TV?

The manufacturer solved it.

No problem either! Truth?

Unnecessary dietary supplements for children?

Wise doctors have no illusions - supplementation is indicated, but cautious and preferably after tests that show deficiencies.

Then all you have to do is reach for simple one-ingredient products (vitamin D, vitamin C during periods of increased illness, etc.), and not as the producers want - colored syrups.

Giving dietary supplements just in case, preventively is a mistake - first of all, it should be noted that they are not free from unnecessary additives. They contain a lot of sugar. In addition, the child's body, and especially the immune system is just developing, providing him with too many synthetic nutrients interferes with his development. First of all, you should ensure a good and varied diet. However, it's not as easy as giving a syrup ... and supplement manufacturers know it and have their parents in their grip.