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What does the mucous plug look like? And what does his departure mean?

What does the mucous plug look like? And what does his departure mean?

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The departure of the mucous plug in pregnancy is an important signal that indicates the impending delivery. However, it is not a reason to visit a doctor. Rather, it informs that the birth is really close, it can start well on the same day or in a week. What does the mucous plug look like? How do you know it's definitely "that"?

What is a mucus plug?

The mucus plug is a kind of "Cork", which protects the cervix from adverse external factors. It closes it in such a way as to prevent the effects of possible infection and infection.

When a woman's body prepares for childbirth, the mucous plug goes away. It may leave in whole or in part. The mucus plug fall out is necessary to open the way for the baby being born. It indicates that the cervix is ​​starting to open. How soon the next stages take place is an individual matter. Childbirth may occur the same day or several days after the mucus plug has left.

What does the mucous plug look like?

The mucus plug is nothing but thick, compact mucus, usually ball-shaped. The consistency resembles jelly, it is transparent, yellow or stained with blood (slightly pink or brownish). It is much denser than "normal" vaginal discharge.

Most often he goes away when visiting the toilet, sometimes you can see him in his underwear. Is it always easy to notice?


Many women do not even notice the secretion of a mucus plug for a simple reason. The amount of secretions at the end of pregnancy is so large that it is difficult to say unequivocally whether what we see on toilet paper is a plug or not. In addition, the plug often goes in stages, so the expectant mother may not identify the fact that the plug has left.

What to do when the mucous plug goes away?

The departure of the mucous plug is physiology. She should absolutely not worry or force her future mother to react.

What should you do? Thread.

A visit to a doctor is not recommended. It is worth going to the hospital only when the labor campaign begins.

Some experts advise that after leaving the mucous plug to give up sex because of the increased risk of infection.