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"Mom, sew me"

All Poland sews. So in one sentence you could emphasize what is happening in many Polish homes, where years later the sewing machine returned to favor. It is fashionable and convenient to prepare clothes for the child yourself.

You can ask why, since the shelves in stores are bending under the weight of clothing. However, the answer is very simple. We want our children to look the way we imagine. We have a lot of creativity, great enthusiasm and great will. It's not everything. It also turns out that sewing at home is cheaper than buying unique baby clothes. You can create really high-quality clothing, comfortable and exactly tailored to your child's size. There are plenty of advantages ...

It is not surprising that pearls such as "Mama, sew me" by Anna Maksymiuk-SzymaƄska appear on the publishing market, which match the readers' expectations.

The book will be appreciated by parents who want to sew comfortable creations for little princesses and demanding rascals. It is perfect for debutants, mothers (and daddies), starting their adventure with sewing. In the book you can find detailed advice, accurate illustrations and ready patterns. And the author has another, warmly welcomed book about sewing - "What a sewing".

Thanks to this position, you can easily sew a frill dress, shirt, jacket, hoodie, hat and much more. For boy and girl. Designing and sewing clothes can be much easier!

I feel encouraged to try ... And you?

Thank you to the Helion publishing house for sharing a review copy of the book.