IOjczisty - free application for children aged 5-8 years

IOjczisty - free application for children aged 5-8 years

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Meet fascinating world of Polish stories, spells and extraordinary heroes. This is the Land of Legends, a place once happy, from which the terrible dragon sucked all joy, plunging it in sadness and despair. Take the challenge and embark on a journey full of challenges. Solve quests, uncover secrets, get magical items and help restore the smile of the land's inhabitants.

iOjczisty, inspired by Polish legends, the most famous and those less known, free educational application created under the auspices of the Parents of the Future Foundation. It is intended for children aged 5-8 years. The application makes use of innovative teaching methods improves language competence, promotes correct Polish and makes it sensitive to its beauty. Moving in the game world and completing subsequent tasks, preschool and early school children develop speech understanding, reading and writing skills, correct articulation and communication, enrich vocabulary, learn grammar and spelling issues, learn to distinguish between colloquial, formal and literary language. iOjczisty enables a young user to interact creatively with the Polish language - matching letters to words, creating word-creations, working with parts of speech, contact with sound, sound, syllable and word.

The application supports learning to read based on modern pedagogical and educational trends:

  • Sensory integration - Graphics appropriate to the age of users, interactive animations, sounds, sounds from the real world and relaxing music stimulate eyesight, hearing and touch, without attacking with excessive stimuli.
  • Positive Pedagogy - Promoting the attitude "I can, I will succeed", referring to achievements, not mistakes, builds and strengthens the child's self-esteem.
  • Learning through experience - Effective learning to read happens thanks to the child's commitment to perform interesting tasks.
  • Photographic Reading - Reading skills are developed by using the tendencies of the human mind to perceive the word as a whole, or picture.
  • Multiple intelligences - Various methods of influencing different senses, stimulating logical thinking and creativity, distributing knowledge from various fields takes into account the individual preferences and abilities of users.
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching - References to the culture of the Polish language, Polish literature, history and geography allow to derive integrated knowledge from various fields.

Thanks to the skilful use of the above pedagogical approaches and educational tools, iOjczisty stimulates the development of small motor skills by improving the fingers, hands, wrist and whole hand, supports the child's emotional development, strengthens concentration, stimulates creative and cause-and-effect thinking, improves eye-ear-hand coordination, improves the ability to recognize differences and similarities, matching elements and observation.

The application is available free of charge on the website of the Parents of the Future Foundation //, as well as on Google Play and App Store multimedia services. Works on Android, iOS and Windows. You can use it on tablets, iPads, cell phones, laptops and desktop computers. Installation requires one-time Internet access. You don't need to continue connecting to the network or buying any additional services during use. The application does not collect the child's personal data. In order to increase the security of use and protect privacy, it is also not connected to social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.