"I am a teacher and I want to howl because of ... the loneliness of your children" APEL

"I am a teacher and I want to howl because of ... the loneliness of your children" APEL

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"I am a teacher, I work with children in grades I-III and spend several hours a day with these children ... and many times I want to howl ... It will be long because the topic is difficult ... but very important! The theme is LONELY. The loneliness of your children ...

I understand that everyone needs money to live, we have to eat something, pay bills ... of course. I understand that many people just like their job, fulfill themselves in the profession ... great! But as I see a child who is wearing company clothes, the latest smartphone and can talk for hours about new games for the console ... and can not read fluently at the age of 9 years. Parents still at work. I want to howl.

When I talk to children about how they spent their free time on the weekend and I hear that from the whole group two talk about a walk with family, playing with parents and the rest about games, television, friends ... I want to howl.

There are many such situations.

Christmas is coming. Please, think about whether your child needs another game, a new console, a controlled car, blocks for PLN 500 ... or maybe it is worth spending time with him ... Sit on the carpet and make puzzles, go for a walk, talk over hot tea, about what's happening at school ...
We have a plague of lonely children. These children usually have families, smiling parents, often siblings and are terribly lonely ...

I work alone, I have a small child. I returned to work when I was 10 months old because I had to. My child also sometimes sits in kindergarten until 17, ... but then I sit with her on the carpet and spend every spare moment ... At home, I do most things when my daughter goes to bed ... but I think it should be like that.

Children need you, your love and your interest. Only then can they grow up to be happy and good people ... Don't let your children be lonely. Please.
Regards, "source

Problem escaping into the virtual world is universal. Not only for children and teenagers, but also for adults. People talk about louder and louder addiction to electronics, at meetings in kindergartens, there are talks about wise use of tablets. Busy parents have limited opportunities to spend time with children. Magda comments on the case as follows:

"I have such neighbors from the next block, at 6.30 they take the children to kindergarten, they have two daughters, they return at 19-20. And they put the children to sleep. On weekends, grandma arrives and on Saturday morning takes the children, brings them on Sunday, also around 20. Because the parents are additionally educated. They have two great cars, children dressed really cute, what toys, what furnishings in the apartment, but for what? These children practically do not spend time with their parents ... "

Martyna, in turn:

"My mother is a teacher, so I'm on the subject. Most parents think that parenting begins with buying and ends up defending the child even when the child is at fault, while there are teachers who bring up, teach and spend time. "

You admit that these are quite extreme examples. I guess it's rare though ...?

The vast majority of us do everything to spend as much time as possible with children. However, life writes different scenarios and usually what we would like to give children is often far from what we can give them. Time is a scarce commodity in today's world.

It seems that the problem may be There is even a lack of willingness of parents to spend time with children, but no possibility, because already several-year-olds are burdened with duties beyond their strength. The world is pushing them into some narrow frames from which it is difficult to free themselves.

Robert has his appeal:

"After a few hours of classes at school, children usually spend two more hours in the after-school club or after-school activities. Later, they do their homework for the next two hours. There is not enough time for family life and own interests. Teach our children at school, and we parents will have family relationships at home. "

What do you think about it? Modern technology is the same evil? Parents do not spend enough time with their children? Is there any sense in looking for guilty parties?