"Having a dog is like having a child? Seriously? Don't insult us. "- Letter

"Having a dog is like having a child? Seriously? Don't insult us. "- Letter

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"I am amazed to hear how intelligent and high-quality adults talk about their pets as children. They even compare raising children to looking after a dog. They are almost proud of that. They even go a step further, assuming that they know everything about responsibility, because they have a dog, they do not need a child, because the quadruped perfectly fills an empty place in the family. Seriously? Do you really think that a pissing puppy is as great a challenge as a baby?

It's not like I don't know each other because I don't have a dog. I have and I know perfectly well what is the relationship between people and animals. I had a dog long before I became a mom, I know about hugging and kissing a dog, buying him different toys, and letting him sleep in one bed. But never ever, even half jokingly seriously, I would not compare a dog to a child.

Your dog is not your child, so don't say it is. It's really not the same. I have children and I have a dog - children and dogs are not the same in all respects. Yes, caring for a small person and an animal requires responsibility, but the stakes are different.

The dog goes through similar stages as a child, but when it comes to details, the differences are colossal! It happens that the puppy wakes up at night or falls ill and you will stroke him tenderly for hours neck. However, it is the baby that requires you to make such sacrifices almost every night when it wakes up for feeding. You don't have to pay attention to the dog all the time when he wakes up, but a small child must always be kept an eye on. The puppy can give a lot of emotions, but this child will cuddle, wrap his small hands and say "I love you".

I have the irresistible impression that many people get confused because constipation is fighting for the rights of animals, protects their welfare, cares and cares, and they are convinced that it is as if they were caring for their own child. This is not the same. A dog is not a child replacement. "Marta


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